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We offer various Bible studies for loan to Kentucky churches.

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(A $20 shipping fee applies to all resources sent via UPS; $5 if you pick them up at our offices.)

PLEASE NOTE: Completing the order form does not automatically secure your requested resource, confirm that it will be delivered to you by your specified date, or that the resource will be loaned out until someone from our office has confirmed your request. New churches and/or individuals requesting resources are subject to an approval interview and/or requests for written recommendations. The KBC reserves the right to decline any resource library request. First-time library requests may be subject to a $50 deposit in addition to the shipping fee. Once the study is returned undamaged, the $50 deposit will be refunded within 12 business days. If a church is currently in possession of a loaned resource from our library, individuals from that church will not be able to check out any further resources until the borrowed resources are returned.

Resource Library Expectations

Please read the following resource library guidelines. Borrowing a resource from the library confirms you have read and will adhere to these expectations:

  • The shipping fee is due at time of pick up or prior to shipment.
  • Only keep the resource long enough to finish the study, unless our office has given permission for the resource to be kept longer. For example, an 11-week study should be returned within four months. A seven-week study should be returned within three months. This includes time for facilitator review, promotion, registration, and a "cushion" time should the group miss a meeting.
  • Do not give the resource out to anyone, including members who may have missed meeting sessions. We maintain a waiting list and try to meet the needs of others who need the resource as quick as possible. Doing so may restrict you and/or your church from borrowing resources. If a group member needs to review a missed video session, try viewing it at for a nominal fee.
  • If you lose or damage the resource, the cost will be billed to you.
  • If a single DVD is lost or damaged, we are usually able to purchase individual replacements (for an approximate cost of $25) instead of purchasing an entire kit.
  • If the entire DVD kit is lost or damaged, you will be billed for the entire replacement fee.
  • Please review the resources before returning them to make sure all items come back.
  • We ship resources via UPS for insurance purposes. Please return the items via UPS and hold on to the tracking number in case it is lost during shipping.
  • We will email or call prior to the estimated date the resource is due to be returned. This helps us confirm the date and assist others who might be waiting for it.