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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – From flooding in West Virginia to the wildfires of east Tennessee, Kentucky Baptists mobilized to help as one disaster after another struck in 2016.

Disaster Relief Director Coy Webb said the training offered by the Kentucky Baptist Convention is what turns willing, servant hearts into skilled, disaster relief laborers for Christ.

"Our volunteers have to keep their skills sharp," Webb said. "The work is just too important not to do so, and that's why we offer several training dates across Kentucky."

Beginning in January, new and returning volunteers will have several opportunities to learn and prepare in anticipation of the coming year's deployments.

Training for Phase I, Phase II and chaplaincy will be offered:

  • Jan. 13-14 at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Ky.
  • Feb. 3-4 at Big Creek Baptist Church in Hazard, Ky.
  • March 3-4 at Zion's Cause Baptist Church in Benton, Ky.
  • April 7-8 at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Independence, Ky.
  • Sept. 15-16 at First Baptist Church in Richmond, Ky.

Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief sent crews across the Midwest and around the world helping people in need. They installed water filtration systems for Flint, Mich., residents dealing with contaminated tap water. On several occasions, Kentucky Baptists traveled to sub-Saharan Africa to feed victims of famine, dig wells and teach welding skills.
And when tornadoes struck western Kentucky, disaster relief volunteers were there.

To learn more, or register for disaster relief training, click here. And be sure to follow Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief on Facebook,, and on Twitter, @kentuckydr.