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Alaska Missions Partnership


With a population of nearly 740,000 people, only 22% of Alaskans say they attend religious services at least once a week, which makes Alaska the least religious state in our country (Pew Research).

NAMB estimates that 84% of Alaskans (617,686 people) do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. (See bottom of GC Challenge week 2 prayer guide: click here).

Please contact us if you are interested in establishing a missions partnership with a ministry in Alaska.

We do not plan on leading vision trips to Alaska, but rather we hope to connect KBC churches and associations directly to mission work already taking place in Alaska through three primary avenues: Alaska Baptist Convention, Alaska Mission, and GraceWorks Alaska.


Opportunities include:

  • Sports camps: Flag football, soccer, archery, basketball, and volleyball
    • While camps are in session
  • Salmon Frenzy
    • Ministering to thousands of Alaskans during the salmon river migration
  • Iditarod
    • Trail sled dog race
  • Remote village evangelism
  • Park ministry
    • Feeding, Bible time, games, and block parties
  • Church planting
  • Church revitalization
  • Summer internships
  • Building projects