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American Choral Directors Association Southern Division Conference

KBC All-State Youth Choir


The KBC All-State Youth Choir 2017 has been selected to sing at the 2018 American Choral Directors Association Southern Division Conference in Louisville.  Approximately 85 choirs auditioned and less than 20 were selected through several blind screenings to arrive at this invitation.  

Most school systems afford opportunities for students to engage in educational opportunities outside of school and offer excused absences and the opportunity to make up any missed work. Please take some time to look at your calendars and determine if your student's participation in this prestigious opportunity is possible.  If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to contact Lisa Plemmons via phone at 502-489-3390 or email at

This is a very special opportunity for the Kentucky Baptist Convention Youth Choir & Orchestra.

We will rehearse Wednesday morning and afternoon and present our first run-through of our 25-minute worship program that evening in a local worship center.  Parents are encouraged to spend the day in Louisville as this will be the only opportunity to hear the students sing this program.

We will rehearse and fine tune our selections during the day on Thursday and participate in a walk-through/sound check that evening at the convention performance venue.  This activity is not open to spectators.

On Friday, we will put the last bit of polish on our selections and make our way to the convention performance venue where we will present our worship program at 3:00 in the afternoon.  This event is open only to convention registrants.


As we will be singing for a professional organization, we will forego t-shirts and slacks and ask each student to purchase concert attire.  The cost of the apparel is expected to be at or below $125 + shipping.  It is exceedingly likely that we will use the concert attire for our final concerts each summer.  Upon registering, you will receive information as to what and from where to place your order. 

 Please take note of these policies:

1. DEADLINES: To ensure the quality of our program it is necessary to implement stricter deadlines for forms. There will be NO exceptions. If you fail to meet these deadlines your child will NOT be allowed to participate in ASYCO ACDA 2018.

2. Cancellation Policy and Fee: If anyone registers and then decides after January 1, 2018 that they will not be attending, you will be responsible for paying $250.00 to cover the expenses that will have already been calculated based on your students participation.