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Book Link

Eubank, KY


Posted:  01/05/2018  -  Updated:  02/04/2019

Project Type: 
Miscellaneous Projects, Resource Needs

Length of Assignment:  1 week or less

Book-Link International, Inc. needs Biblical reference books to establish mini libraries for remote rural pastors in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.

Book-Link also has requests for Bibles, Bible commentaries, and other Christian material to be shipped to undisclosed countries.  (Call if you have questions about specific types of material.)

Book Link can use volunteer teams to pack books and get them ready for shipping, as well as help with shipping costs.

Ministry Description:
Book- Link International is an organization dedicated to the collection and distribution of Christian literature and resources.

Size of Teams: Individuals and/or Small Teams.

Housing and Food Preparation: Housing for small teams is available on site.

Cost Per Person (if applicable): Call for information.

Are Background Checks of Volunteers Required for this project?  No

Other: Available dates for delivery- Coordinate with director

Olin Williams
Phone:  606-379-2140

Other Contact: 606-379-1734. (0r) 606-669-0351 (Gary King, Director of Missions, Lincoln County Baptist Association)

Physical Address:
100 Book-Link Way 
Eubank, KY 42567

Association:  SBC Associations/Pulaski, Rockcastle and Laurel River Baptist Associations

Event Dates
Monday, February 4, 2019 through Thursday, February 4, 2021