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Calvary Campus

Blackey, KY


Posted:  01/05/2018

Project Type: 
Backyard Bible Club/VBS, Construction/Maintenance, Creative Ministry/Drama, Evangelism/Community Outreach, Medical/Dental

Length of Assignment:  1 week or less

Calvary Campus needs volunteers to hold VBS/Backyard Bible Clubs throughout the Letcher County.  They are continuing the renovation of the old school campus and need people who can help with drop ceiling, flooring, electrical, and some basic construction.  They also are helping with construction needs in the community, ramps, roofs, painting, etc.

Description of Ministry:

Calvary Campus is a multifunctional ministry in eastern Ky. Churches and groups can conduct VBS or BYBC, construction projects (handicap ramps), ministry touches throughout the area either on campus or off campus sites.

You can see more at the website

Come join this ministry as they bring the light to eastern Ky. through multiple ways.

Housing and Food Preparation: 
Dorms and suite housing is available for 80 people.  Kitchen and dining hall available. Contact Directors for more information.

Cost Per Person (if applicable): Contact Paul Radosevich for information.

Materials for Project: Teams to provide material.

Dates volunteers are needed:  Year Round

Are Background Checks of Volunteers Required for this project?  Yes

Paul Radosevich
Phone:  606-335-6109

Physical Address:
31 South RS Road 
Letcher, KY 41832

Mailing Address:
PO Box 283 
Blackey, KY 41804

Association:  Three Forks Baptist Association

Event Dates
Friday, January 5, 2018 through Wednesday, January 5, 2028