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Disaster Relief for Hurricane Harvey



Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief has made a commitment to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey long after the nation’s attention has turned elsewhere.

More than 300 trained volunteers will be entering the hardest hit areas of Texas in the coming months.  This week, Kentucky Baptists are in Corpus Christi, Houston and Victoria, Texas, feeding people who have no food, no electricity and, in many cases, no home in which to cook.

Texas Baptists and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are taking a step back from kitchen operations at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center and turning over duties to Kentucky Baptists to feed the remaining 1,500 evacuees three hot meals each day.

Six more Kentucky teams head south by week’s end. This second wave of volunteers, in a partnership with First Baptist Church of Humble, Texas, will take on the hard, messy work of cleaning up flood-damaged homes. They will be joined by a mobile shower unit.

Disaster Relief volunteers will continue to rotate into Texas, 50 to 70 at a time, through the first week of October.


Director Coy Webb reminds generous givers that Texas authorities are discouraging donations of goods, such as bottled water and clothing, and that items will not be accepted without prior approval. Monetary gifts are preferred. 

Individuals and groups without disaster relief training can sign up to volunteer with NAMB by clicking HERE.

  • First of all, pray. Pray for those impacted, the first responders, emergency management leaders and Texas Disaster Relief and Southern Baptist Convention leaders as they seek to plan how we might respond in an effective way in the right timing. Pray for wisdom in planning and safety while traveling. Pray that God will open doors to the Gospel in this time of tragedy that teams might share the life-giving hope of Christ. Finally, pray that God’s will be done and that He be glorified in the midst of this tragedy.
  • Second, give. You can donate through the Kentucky Baptist Convention either by mailing checks designated for disaster relief or by giving online where all received contributions go to Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief efforts and to assist those affected by disasters. 
    Your church can collect gift cards to be sent to our partner Southern Baptist conventions in Texas where they will be distributed to those in need. Remember, these gift cards allow the survivors to purchase items they need and the dignity of making the purchase themselves. 
  • Third, Prepare to go!  Certified disaster relief volunteers will be responding immediately. If you are interested in becoming involved with Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief learn more at The next training will be held in Richmond, KY, on Saturday, Sept. 16. 

    Untrained individuals or church groups can volunteer to assist at


At this point, there is no way to tell. Much like the Katrina response, rebuilding after Harvey will take years. Volunteer teams from Kentucky Baptist Convention churches will be needed. Our Mission Mobilization team will post opportunities when the time comes.


While there is always a desire to collect donations such as water, clothes or household products, these are not always the best. It is expensive to ship items and the required logistics on the ground for sorting, storing and distributing is a burden on the receiving community. Sometimes, we can also send well-intentioned but unneeded supplies.


Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief has more than 4,500 certified volunteers capable of assisting those affected by natural and man-made disasters in Kentucky, the nation, and around the world.

 The ministry has 45 mobile response units across the state that stand ready to provide disaster victims and relief workers with hot meals, showers, child care, laundry facilities and water purification.

 Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief also has chainsaw crews and mud-out teams that help homeowners who have nowhere else to turn when their homes are damaged by fallen trees and floods.

Equally important are the more than 200 chaplains trained to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of those impacted by a disaster and the workers who help them.

 Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief’s prayer is that these teams can bring help, healing and hope to the tens of thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

 Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief is the humanitarian arm of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, the state’s largest religious organization with 2,400 affiliated Baptist churches and more than 750,000 Southern Baptists.