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Executive Office Team


We manage the convention's internal operations, human resources and relate to outside groups on the convention's behalf.

Contact us:
(502) 489-3577
(866) 489-3577 (toll-free in KY)

What We Do:

  • Administrative Services
  • Communications
  • Convention Operations
  • Convention Relations
  • Events & Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Media Services

Meet the Team:

Roger Alford

Communications Director

Pat Beverly


Larry Brannin

Media Services Director

Kathy Brown

Ministry Assistant

Paul Chitwood

Executive Director - Treasurer

Robin Cornetet

Marketing & Media Relations

Jim Donnell

Associate Executive Director for Convention Operations &
Team Leader

Wanda Karolyi


Judy LaVallie

Facility Management &
General Purpose Clerk

Kay Sue Leppert

Ministry Assistant

Shari Rogers

Administrative Services Specialist

Adam Winters

Part-Time Archivist

Denise Withers

Events & Facilities Management Specialist

Curtis Woods

Associate Executive Director
for Convention Relations