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Preparing for Gospel Conversations & 13 Bridges to the Gospel featuring Dr. Timothy Beougher (January 2018)

Preparing for Gospel Conversations handout - Download

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Part 1: Preparing for Gospel Conversations

Part 2: I do not know how to witness

Part 3: 13 Bridges to the Gospel

  1. Church Bridge
  2. Personal Experience Bridge
  3. Intellectual Bridge
  4. Personal Opinion Bridge
  5. Current Issues Bridge
  6. Sports Bridge
  7. Felt Needs Bridge
  8. Prayer Bridge
  9. Relationship Bridge
  10.  History Bridge
  11.  Heaven Bridge
  12. Profanity Bridge - This video is available upon request. If you are interested in viewing this video please contact or call (502) 489 - 3576
  13. Responsibility Bridge

Part 4: Closing