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Women's Ministry


Women’s Ministry


The Kentucky Baptist Convention is committed to encouraging, equipping and supporting women to effectively reach, disciple and multiply healthy (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional) ministries in their churches.

  • Why Have a Women’s Ministry?

    What is your vision for women’s ministry? Is it one where women are growing in the walk with Lord? Connecting with other women? Being the wife, mother, sister, and servant, whatever role (s) God has ordained to His glory? Do you desire to see women seeking to know Christ more intimately, serving Him faithfully and living in total obedience, sharing Him as they go?

    Women can minister to other women. Simply stated, women have the unique gift to meet the needs of women more effectively. Furthermore, many young women who may not live near their families need encouragement, relationships, mentoring and direction to mature spiritually. Titus 2:3-5 reminds us, “Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.”

    The “ideal” women’s ministry is not a stand –alone model. Instead, it works within the purpose of the church, alongside other ministries. It will be a diverse ministry, as women are diverse. Some work; some are divorced; some are married; some may work outside the home, while others function mainly within the home. The content, activities, time of day for various meetings, and other pertinent details of women’s ministry will need to be mindful of the diversity component.

    Benefits of a Women’s Ministry

    1. Women grow in their relationship with the Lord.
    2. The church has the potential to grow numerically as it reaches women in the community.
    3. Women will find their “niche” or special place(s) to serve from their giftedness
    4. Meaningful relationships can form within the women’s ministry and church at large as women connect to God and to each other.
    5. Women are encouraged to discover their spiritual gifts and use them to glorify God, as these gifts are further developed during service within the church and community.
    6. Women will from various backgrounds will be ministered to as Bible study and other growth opportunities are offered at different times—different days.
    7. Inreach (reaching women within the church) and outreach (reaching women outside the church) is provided as the ministry organizes itself to be a special network of information, service, and activities.
    8. Women receive woman-to-woman mentoring and lay counseling.
    9. Older women (numerically as well as spiritually) mentor to younger women. This could mean that a younger, more spiritually mature could mentor an older, new Christian. Nevertheless, mostly it is the numerically older ministering to the younger.
    10. Families are affected as the woman draws closer to the Lord through various ministries within the women’s ministry. Marriages have been saved; children have been covered in prayer and so much of God’s power has been demonstrated as women have come together in prayer, accountability, and support through women’s ministry.
    11. Women receive help to fight spiritual battles. The enemy wants nothing more than a lonely, wide-open target. Nevertheless, within the circle of women’s ministry, women can develop the inner strength through Bible study and the outer support of like-hearted women to stand firm against the enemy.

    What is the Task of Women’s Ministry?

    Women’s ministry exists to:

    equip the local church women to enrich each others’ lives through Christ

    help women discover their spiritual gifts to use in ministry, as well as needs determined within the community.

    lead women to accept Christ as Lord, maintaining a healthy, love relationship with Him and sharing Him as they go.

    This information was compiled by Shelly Johns from sections of Women Reaching Women by Chris Adams (7/31/12).

  • Consultation

    Women’s Ministry Consultation

    Consultation in the area of women’s ministry (evangelism, women’s ministry setup, etc.) is available on request.

    Feel free to contact us by e-mail or call (502) 489-3580 or toll free in Kentucky (866) 489-3580.

  • Helpful Documents for Women’s Ministry Leaders

  • Evangelism Training

    HeartCall Evangelism Training

    HeartCall is an excellent evangelistic training tool. This four-week study teaches women how to pray, to watch for opportunities to share the Gospel, and to make sure thier walk and talk live up to each other. Watch the training online here:

    HeartCall can be adjusted to fit a one-day training schedule, a two-day retreat setting, or a three-hour session.  You can use this relationship building tool (with Christ and then with others) to give your women’s ministry the outreach emphasis needed to share Christ with your neighbor(s).

    Download HeartCall resources here:

    What if your church wants to host a HeartCall clinic? The host church/organization is responsible for travel expenses for the trainer, conference set-up (meals/refreshments for participants), and ordering materials.  The cost of the materials (Women Sharing God’s Heart and the HeartTalk tracts) can be charged to the participants to offset the cost for the church.

    Click here if you would like to request a HeartCall Clinic now!

  • Bible Studies

    We offer various Bible studies for check out to Kentucky churches. Click here to see a listing:

    Women’s Bible Study Lending Library Resources

    A $20 shipping fee applies to resources shipped insured to you; $5 if you pick up at our offices.

    When you are ready to begin your check out process, click here to place your order.

    NOTE: completing this form does not secure your resource of choice, confirm that you will have it according to your need date or that you will be able to check out a study until someone from our office has contacted you with confirmation.

    New churches/individuals are subject to approval interview and/or written recommendations. KBC reserves the right to decline a request from its resource library.

    New resource library users may be required to pay a $50 deposit in addition to the shipping fee of $20.  Once the study is returned undamaged, the $50 deposit will be returned to you within 12 business days.

    If your church currently has a resource borrowed from our library, your church will not be able to check out another resource until the first is returned.

    Resource Library Expectations

    Please read the following Bible study resource library expectations, as you are expected to stay within these guidelines. Checking out a resource from our library confirms that you have read and will comply to these stipulations:

    1. Fee is due at time of pick up OR before we ship the resource to you.
    2. Keep the resource long enough to finish the study—unless you have permission from our office.  For example, keep an 11-week study no more than four (4) months.  Keep a seven week study no more than three (3) months. This includes time for facilitator review, promotion and sign up, and a “cushion” should the group miss convening a couple or three weeks for whatever reason(s).
    3. Do not give the resource to anyone, including members who may have missed sessions.  We maintain a waiting list and try to meet the needs of others as quickly as possible. Doing so may put you and your church on the “naughty” list. If you someone needs to review a missed DVD, try doing so at for a nominal fee.
    4. If you lose or damage the resource, the cost will be billed to you:
      1. if a single DVD or VHS tape is lost or damaged, we are usually able to purchase individual replacements (approx. $25) instead of purchasing an entire kit.  (VHS replacement may be limited due to DVDs replacing VHS-tape studies.)
      2. if the entire kit is lost or damaged, you will be billed the entire replacement fee (at the Convention price when possible).
    5. Check the resource before you return it to us, as we have had delightful, yet not our Bible study-VHS tapes/DVDs returned.
    6. We ship resources insured to you for insurance purposes.  Please return it shipped insured and keep the tracking number on the invoice copy that you keep or in another safe place.  If the resource is lost during shipping, you can supply this to us if/when we contact you.  
    7. If you check out a VHS tape resource, remember…to rewind is divine. 
    8. We will email or call you near the estimated return of the resource.  This helps us confirm the return date to assist others who might be on the waiting list for the study.
  • Speakers/Musicians for Your Next Event

    Looking for speakers/musicians for your next event? We can help! Click here to download a list of speakers and musicians:

    Speakers/Musicians for Women’s Ministry Events