Plurality of Elders as a Church Leadership Approach

Kentucky Baptist Convention churches are diverse in terms of their leadership structure and polity.  We recognize and celebrate that diversity.  After all our Baptist Faith and Message states in article VI. The Church, that the church is an “autonomous local congregation.” It also states “It’s two scriptural offices are that of pastor/elder/overseer and deacon.”

Some of our KBC churches are led by a single pastor. Others are led by two or more staff. Some congregations are pastor and deacon led while others are led by a plurality of elders. At times churches, for various reasons, feel led to transition to a different approach or model of church leadership to better address the needs of their changing congregation and contribute to her ongoing health and gospel impact. 

Some of our Kentucky Baptist Convention churches feel led to transition to a model of church governance led by a plurality of elders. To help churches who are considering a transition to an elder led model of church polity, we are providing the following resources to assist you in navigating this journey well.

Steps to Transitioning to an Elder Model

Case Studies

The following are case studies from Kentucky Baptist churches who have transitioned to an elder model of leadership:

Case Study: Coral Hill Baptist Church
Case Study: Victory Baptist Church
Case Study: Ballardsville Baptist Church
Case Study: Grace Baptist Church