Do your church leaders need to be equipped in ministry?

Our EQUIP tour is traveling to 6 locations around the state in August and September. Learn more and register for a location near you today.

EQUIP will cover training in each of the following areas: Assimilation, Children’s Ministry, Cooperative Program, Deacon Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism, Finance, Missions, Revitalization, Social Media, Students, Sunday School, WMU, Women’s Ministry and Worship and Music.


EQUIP Dates & Locations

August 23

First Baptist Church

August 25

Highland Baptist Church

August 30

First Baptist Church

September 1

Somerset Christian School

September 6

Erlanger Baptist Church

September 8

First Baptist Church



5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Registration/Dinner
6:30 – 6:40 p.m. Opening Session
6:50 – 7:40 p.m. Session 1
7:40 – 7:50 p.m. Break
7:50 – 8:40 p.m. Session 2
8:40 p.m. Dismiss

*Schedule reflects local times


$10 per person with a maximum fee of $50 per church

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Session Descriptions

Click each item below to view more details about the ministry sessions offered in that area.

Children's Ministry

Session #1 – Managing the Room – Navigating short attention spans, behavior disruptions, and disinterested kids can stress even the most seasoned children’s ministry workers. Learn practical tips to manage your class and focus their hearts on Christ and one another.

Session #2 – Building Relationships with Kids and Families – Even with reduced in-person time together, wise children’s ministry workers can build relationships in safe, appropriate, and meaningful ways to create context for discipleship and care. Children’s Ministry leaders and workers may also be interested in A New Missions Journey for Kids offered during Session #1 and listed under Discipleship.

Cooperative Program

Session #1 – Overview of the Cooperative Program Training Kit – The Great Commission is the responsibility of every believer. One of the ways Southern Baptists accomplish the Great Commission is by giving through the Cooperative Program. Get an overview of the new KBC-produced video resource aimed at helping your church understand how CP works.

Deacon Ministry

Session #1 – Post Pandemic Regathering – In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, some people have not returned to in-person church services and Bible studies. Learn strategies to encourage people to reengage in congregational worship and Sunday School classes, as well as an ongoing discipleship journey.

Deacons may also be interested in Ready, Set, GO! offered during Session #2 and listed under Missions.


Session #1 – Teach a Disciple to Study the Bible for Life – What you teach a disciple about God’s Word not only impacts personal discipleship and multiplication, but it also impacts life. Build reproducible practices around six principles for Bible study.

Session #1 – A New Missions Journey for Kids – Are you looking for a fun, engaging way to involve your children in missions? Lead your kids on a missions adventure! We’ll take a look at Missions Journey: Kids, WMU’s new missions discipleship curriculum for children, and how you can adapt it to fit the needs of your church.

Session #2 – Build Multiplication Practices into Your Disciple-Making – More disciples will become disciple-makers themselves when we keep multiplication in mind at every step. Boost your disciplemaking practices to ensure disciples are ready to multiply.


Session #1 – B.L.E.S.S. – 5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor – This practical breakout will equip Kentucky Baptists with five practices and tools to develop an intentionally evangelistic lifestyle. Participants will also be introduced to the “Bless Every Home” digital resources.

Session #2 – The Best News – Learn about a simple tool that will help your entire church have gospel conversations with their friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers. Participants will receive “The Best News” evangelism training kit, created by James Merritt, pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Ga.


Session #1 & #2 – Handling Money in the Church – This conference continues through both hours and is designed for church treasurers and others who handle any part of church finances. We’ll briefly review the basics of how financial support should be structured for ministers and church employees. A tax professional with experience working with ministers and churches will focus on reporting compensation and benefits correctly to the IRS.


Session #1 – Mission Ignition – Local churches forming mission partnerships is critical for Great Commission impact. How can your church work strategically with missionaries and churches on the field to ignite a mission passion in your congregation? Discover “Five P’s” that will inspire and mobilize your church to live on mission.

Session #2 – Ready, Set, GO! – Discover how a “GO” team in the local church can be prepared to meet crisis needs in their community that will open doors for gospel conversations. Learn best practices to be a ready church.

Session #2 – 4 X 4 Missions for Life – What do you think of when you hear 4X4? This is not about a truck, but about the four cornerstones of a missions lifestyle. Discover 16 simple ways to engage in missions in your church, home, and community.


Session #2 – Practices of a Revitalization Leader – Hear an overview of 15 practices that are important for leading a church in revitalization. Based upon the book, Lead to Revitalize, learn key principles that every revitalization leader should know. Each attendee will receive a copy of the book.

Attendees may also be interested in Post Pandemic Regathering offered during Session #1 and listed under Deacon Ministry.

Social Media

Session #2 – Social Media and the Local Church – A church can make an impact through social media in a number of ways. This class will help you to be strategic in using social media and avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Student Ministry

Session #1 – The Spiritual Health of the Student Ministry Worker – Busy student ministry workers typically devote any extra time to connecting and caring for students. However, maintaining your own spiritual health and balance is vital to discipling students faithfully and effectively. Learn essential disciplines that will keep you serving for decades to come.

Session #2 – Creating an Evangelistic Culture in Your Student Ministry – Baptism numbers for middle and high school students have declined over the past 40 years. Learn practical ways to shift the culture in your ministry to lead and celebrate winning students to Christ.

Sunday School Teachers

Session #1 – Connecting After COVID – Some members have yet to return following the pandemic. Discover practical ways to reconnect members through meeting needs and caring invitations.

Session #2 – Guaranteed Ways to Boost Discussion – Discussion is a great method to increase participation in the lesson and ownership of the truth being taught. These methods will supercharge discussion to increase participant contributions.

Sunday School Directors

Session #1 – 10 Simple Steps for Groups – Significant change can be accomplished through a series of small steps. Lead your groups to be effective and inviting.

Session #2 – Overcoming Challenges for Rebuilding Sunday School – This past year, many individuals and groups stopped meeting in person. Some teachers and members have not returned. Help your groups rebuild by focusing on six essential actions.


Session #1 – A New Missions Journey for Kids – See description under Discipleship.

Session #2 – 4 X 4 Missions for Life – See description under Missions.

Women's Ministry

Session #1 – Reimagining Women’s Ministry – 2020 changed everything. Some methods we were using are no longer effective. Join other women’s ministry leaders as we reimagine how to strengthen our ministries. It’s time to reassess the impact women’s ministry can have in churches.

Session #2 – Beyond Bible Studies – Bible studies are a great tool for women’s ministry. There are times, however, we need to focus on discipleship, accountability, and mentorship. Join us as we replace complacency with urgency.

Worship & Music

Session #1 – Take Your Streaming to the Next Level – Find current resources to help stream your church’s worship service. Learn about licensing needed for worship services. Bring your questions for helpful solutions.

Session #2 – Worship after COVID – What is going to happen with your church’s worship ministry following the pandemic? Find encouragement and practical tips on how to lead and plan. You are not alone in this!


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