Do your church leaders need to be equipped in ministry?

Our EQUIP tour is traveling to 6 locations around the state in August and September. Learn more and register for a location near you today. Online registration is open through the day prior to each event. You can also register on-site the day of the event. Please note: Registration for meals closes 2 business days prior to each event.

EQUIP will cover training in each of the following areas: Assimilation, Children’s Ministry, Cooperative Program, Deacon Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism, Finance, Missions, Revitalization, Social Media, Students, Sunday School, WMU, Women’s Ministry and Worship and Music.


EQUIP Dates & Locations

August 23

First Baptist Church

August 25

Highland Baptist Church

August 30

First Baptist Church

September 1

Somerset Christian School

September 6

Erlanger Baptist Church

September 8

First Baptist Church



5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Registration/Dinner
6:30 – 6:40 p.m. Opening Session
6:50 – 7:40 p.m. Session 1
7:40 – 7:50 p.m. Break
7:50 – 8:40 p.m. Session 2
8:40 p.m. Dismiss

*Schedule reflects local times


$10 per person with a maximum fee of $50 per church

More Information

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Session Descriptions

Click each item below to view more details about the ministry sessions offered in that area.


Help People Stick with Your Church

Take steps to connect guests and reconnect former attendees to the life of your church. Implement key principles to start or improve the connections ministry in your church.

Help People Stick with Your Groups

Sunday School and small groups are a vital part of keeping members connected to your church. Learn simple practices to keep people in your groups connected and growing as disciples.

Adult Sunday School Teachers

Teaching Methods for Strategic Moments

Teaching well involves more than communicating content. Learn best methods for following the Spirit’s lead in teaching truth to the right people at the right time.

Grow Your Class by Asking: Would You Help Me?

Identify ways to increase class participation in lessons and activities for improved satisfaction, ownership of the mission and growth of your class.

Children's Ministry

Ministering to Kids with Anxiety

Anxiety among kids continues to be more prevalent. Church leaders and children’s ministry volunteers need to understand the effects of anxiety and how best to provide spiritual good during these seasons.

Building the Kids’ Ministry Team

Learn best practices on recruiting, screening, equipping, protecting and keeping great volunteers to serve in kids’ ministries.

Church Marketing

How to Cut Through the Clutter

Your church is competing for the hearts and minds of the people it seeks to serve. Amid a world of endless choices, it is difficult to be seen and heard. In this session, we will discuss how to simplify your messaging and cut through the clutter. You will learn how to improve your church’s social media, website, emails and graphic design with practical tools, ready-made resources and first steps.


At Your Service

This session will consider the positive, biblical role of a deacon — one who is to be a servant as well as a shock-absorber in the church. Discussion will focus on what deacons should be and what they should do to be a blessing to pastors, church staff and the church body.


Growing in Personal Evangelism

As Christians, we should have a desire to grow in our faithful witness of the gospel. Be encouraged and equipped with 20 practical tools to help any believer continue growing in personal evangelism.

10 Evangelistic Practices of Churches Reaching Kentucky

Discover where your church is on its journey to building a culture of evangelism and map out some practical next steps through the Evangelism Ministry Assessment Profile (E-MAP).


The 10 Biggest Tax Mistakes Made by Ministers and Churches

When mistakes are made with taxes, it is either from lack of knowledge or carelessness. Add in the unique tax rules for churches and ministers and that possibility increases. Become better equipped to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes.

Handling Money in the Church

Take a refresher course and review the basic policies and procedures a church should use in handling money. We will look at how appropriate internal controls will help protect the church’s financial integrity.


Engaging Your Community with the Gospel

Discover how Kentucky Baptist churches are effectively engaging their communities with gospel intentionality. Hear how God is at work while learning principles and practices that are transferrable to your church.

Every Church on Mission

Discover how every church, regardless of size, location or demographic can take a next step toward fulfilling the Great Commission. Learn how to identify your church’s unique role, equip members to be on mission, send locally and globally and care for those who go.


Developing New Leaders in Your Church

Every church needs an intentional plan for raising new leaders. Learn how to implement an intentional leader development plan in any size church.

Student Ministry

Reaching Next Gen

There are more than 12 times as many lost people in Generation Z in America than the total population of Kentucky. Learn ways to engage the lostness of this generation in your community and lead your church to target this mission field.

Connecting Students to the Church Family

Equip your church with practical ways to lead students from simply being a part of the youth group to becoming mature, contributing leaders and servants in the church.

Sunday School Directors

7 Key Numbers Impacting Your Sunday School

Recognize the impact that space, span of care, evangelism and more have on your Sunday School classes. Then, plan next steps to help your Sunday School leaders grow classes.

8 Top Goals for Sunday School

How would you like to see your Sunday School ministry grow this year? These practical goals for prayer, leaders, training and more can help you identify opportunities and actions to help your Sunday School vision come true.


Hope in Christ: Breaking Through the Darkness of Mental Illness

Gain insight to the hidden threat of mental illness that plagues our communities. This session will introduce the new emphasis of ProjectHELP and provide practical ways your church can remove the stigma around mental illness.

Increasing Your Missional Intelligence

Reaching the nations requires not only cultural tolerance, but a heart of humility, thoughtfulness and a commitment to learning. Learn how to be more strategic and effective in your pursuit of sharing the gospel with the nations.

Women's Ministry

Dreams for Tomorrow

Meet the new KBC Women’s Ministry Consultant, Sara Robinson, and join her in dreaming about the future of women’s ministry across our state convention.

Women Who Flourish

Healthy leadership requires balance among spiritual, emotional, relational and physical health. Unpack what it means to flourish and learn best practices for Christian wellness as female servants and leaders.

Worship & Music

Worship Matters

Have your worship services become predictable and stale? Are you using all your available resources for corporate worship? Do you have youth and children who are not participating in the service? Learn what your church can do to unlock worship that is both engaging and intergenerational.

New Worship Resources and Ideas

Experience new resources for leading worship, worship planning and technology. Learn about worship leadership methods that work well for the local church.