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Are you ready to be trained as a transitional (intentional) interim pastor?


Join us on October 27-28 at the Laurel River Associational Building in London, Kentucky, for this first-time training to become a transitional interim pastor. A transitional interim pastor leads the ongoing church ministries and guides a church through spiritual, situational and psychological stages of transition that end in the calling of a new pastor. 


According to the LifeWay Transitional Pastor Ministry Training Manual, the objectives of a Transitional Interim Pastor Ministry include the following: 
  • The church will become more effective as it learns from past experiences, frees itself from hindering traditions, and replaces discord with harmony.
  • The church will understand the mission of the church.
  • The church will develop more effective church practices to fulfill its mission.
  • The church will have an increased understanding of the pastor’s role and responsibilities.
  • More members will become equipped for their church’s ministries.
  • Energy previously spent addressing conflict will be redirected to expanded ministries.
  • The effectiveness of the next pastor will be increased., and his tenure will be extended, sparing the church the expense of frequent pastoral changes and making more money available for ministries.