Created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ
  • Annual Church Profile

    The Annual Church Profile is a quick and easy system used throughout the Southern Baptist Convention to collect vital statistical and leadership information.

  • Church Employment Resources

    We offer assistance for search committees looking to fill ministerial positions in their churches, as well as resume services for pastors looking to fulfill God's call on their lives by serving at a local church.

  • Church Security Resources

    Help keep folks as safe as possible while they're on your church campus. These helpful resources  available to Kentucky Baptist churches to help establish a security program and protect your churches. 

  • Kentucky Baptist Associations

    Associations connect regional groups of Kentucky Baptist churches to each other and the larger world. Through associations, churches join together for fellowship, missions and local ministry.

  • Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief

    When disaster strikes, some of the first to respond are Southern Baptist disaster relief volunteers.

  • KBC Blog Round-Up

    Our KBC staff & committee blogs

  • KBC and Cooperative Program Logos

    Here is a list of KBC and Cooperative Program logos you can download   Download this image   Download this image

  • Networking Groups

    These KBC-affiliated groups offer networking opportunities for ministers and church staff.

  • Prayer Strategies

    We call Kentucky Baptists to prayer through conferences, prayer meetings, and a network of prayer coordinators.

  • Protecting Biblical Marriage

    How should Kentucky Baptist churches protect themselves legally while showing grace toward the LGBT community?

  • Regional Consultant Group

    Our six regionally based consultants work closely with associations and churches to develop plans that help churches grow.

  • Wise Counsel for Effective Pastors & Church Leaders

    Wise Counsel for Pastors & Church Leaders is a teaching series released 36 times per year. Each video offers encouragement and helpful training on current issues churches are facing.