As we take the Gospel to Every Home, let’s also plan for Revival in Every Church!

Wes Fowler, 2020-2021 KBC President, encouraged this initiative for two reasons: Because revival services can serve as harvest events for the Gospel to Every Home and because people all around us are persishing without the salvation of Jesus Christ.

How do we host a revival?

For some, revival might be in the form of a conference. For others, it might be multiple events. Others still will host a traditional revival. Although the forms may vary, the focus should be intentionally evangelistic.

We all know revival doesn’t take place simply because it’s on the calendar. It’s important for every KBC church to prepare for revival! Let’s preach for the Lord to send revival! Let’s fast for the Lord to send revival! Let’s pray for the Lord to send revival!

A word from Wes Fowler

“When I was approached by Dan Summerlin about the possibility of being nominated to serve as KBC President, I began to pray about how I might use that role to encourage and support our KBC churches. Through prayer, I believe the Lord increased my awareness of how desperately we need revival!  I need revival.  The church I pastor needs revival. And I believe, after many conversations with fellow pastors, churches all across our Commonwealth need revival. So, it seemed natural to say, ‘Let’s take the Gospel to every home and have revival in every church!'”