The Seven Hills area is to the east of Elmwood Cemetary and has no KBC church presence in the area and no church representation in the southern portion.

A 2.5 mile radius study was done on Seven Hills and it has approximately 42,000 people in the area. Seven Hills has grown over 14% since the year 2000 and is projected to grow an additional 2.3% from 2021 to 2026. Anglos make up around 84% of the population with Asian as the fastest growing group increasing by 32% by 2026. Household concerns may include, Finding a good church and spiritual teaching, divorce, issues in school, and alcohol/drug abuse. Faith receptivity is very high in this area; which means door to door evangelism, surveys, block parties, and neighborhood interaction could be very welcome.

AMS Nathan Whisnant of the DMBA worked alongside his churches to identify this areas where a new church is needed.