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How to remain faithful in giving during coronavirus outbreak


In these challenging days with many churches having an online presence for their Sunday Service instead of meeting in person, it is important that every member realize this truth:

My church’s on- site worship services may have been cancelled, but my church’s ongoing mission and ministry continues. 

Church members’ faithful, weekly giving makes possible the continued fulfillment of the ongoing mission of Jesus for their church in their community and throughout the world.    

How can members remain faithful in their giving responsibility and thus continue to invest in and fund the continued mission and ministry of their church?

Here are some ways:

  1. Continue giving weekly through your personal banking online bill pay service. I heard someone say recently, “I rarely write a check anymore.”  This is because most people pay their bills online these days.  Simply fill out the information regarding your church and add them as one of the organizations you “pay” or in this case “give” to.  This method does not cost the church or the giver any additional fee. 

  2. Use your church’s online giving option on your church web site. Some churches make online giving very easy by offering a menu option that has simple instructions on how to give online through the church web site. 

  3. Churches that do not have (or have not promoted) an online giving option may want to consider one of the following options. Each option needs to be researched in terms of their set up fees and fees charged per donation since these vary according to the service provider.  The following is a list of online giving options.

  • (search for Non-Profit Online Fundraising)

  1. Some churches have current Church Management Software that have online giving features that may just need to be activated or utilized.  For example, “Realm” is an ACS Technologies Church Management Software that has features that allow you to connect with donors and offer online giving.  Check your current church Software to see if you have unused or un-activated features.

  2. Send your donation weekly through the U.S. Postal Service. This may be the option of choice for members who are not tech savvy.  The “fee” for using this method is simply the Fifty-Five cent stamp required to send it.  Members need to take precautions and make sure that when they send a letter that they don’t have symptoms that might lead to the spread of a virus via a letter. 

  3. Drop the donation off at the church if your church has on site workers to be able to collect it. Obviously with the encouragement to work from home and the need for social distancing, this would be the least optimal of the options mentioned.  The same precautions mentioned in number five above need to be practiced if this option is utilized. 

Faithful people find a way to remain faithful.   In these challenging times Christians need to find a way to remain faithful in their giving responsibility to the Lord and their church in order that their church’s mission would thrive and not suffer.                                  


Written by Alan Witham

Regional Consultant Group Leader

Kentucky Baptist Convention