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Interim Pastor Training


Churches across Kentucky need effective interim pastors to fill the gaps. Do you feel called to this role? Attend our Interim Pastor Training on July 22-23, 2021 at the Kentucky Baptist Building in Louisville. This training will cover the following:

  • Traditional vs. transitional interim
  • Compensation & financial matters
  • Resolving everyday conflict
  • Leading a search committee
  • Stepping out evangelistically
  • Pastoral care tips
  • And more!

About the Event

The Kentucky Baptist Convention, under the direction of Steve Rice and the Church Consulting & Revitalization Team, will provide training for men who desire to serve local churches in the role of an Interim Pastor. This training will focus on the traditional interim pastor role instead of the intentional or transitional interim pastor role. Most churches who seek an interim pastor are looking for someone to follow the traditional model.

In this training, we will cover the areas of encouraging unity, resolving conflict, leading contextually, providing pastoral care, preaching strategically, and transitioning smoothly. We will provide compensation comparisons and compensation formulas to help with salary considerations. Although this training is not focused entirely on the role of a transitional interim pastor, we will provide principles of assessment and transition.