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Lead to Revitalize

No process or strategy can be accomplished without a gifted and knowledgeable leader leading the way. Lead to Revitalize! unearths the essential leadership principles and practices pastors spearheading church revitalization must know, embrace, and practice.

KBC pastors may receive a free copy by contacting their regional consultant.


1. Lead to Revitalize Webinar

Gain a basic understanding of the principles and practices essential to leading a church in revitalization.  Interact with members of the Church Consulting and Revitalization Team as they address your questions regarding leading through revitalization.  Learn about resources designed to assist you in this journey.

2. Click here to access video sessions over all chapters of the book


Click here to download the Lead to Revitalize Coaches Guide
Church Revitalization Bibliography


Lead to Revitalize Tour

Six Regional Training Events

The Lead to Revitalize Tour is 6 regional training events designed to equip pastors who are leading their churches in a revitalization effort. The event will feature content from the book, Lead to Revitalize: 15 Practices of a Church Revitalization Leader and the companion resource, Lead to Revitalize Coaches Guide.

Pastors and church leaders are invited to attend. Seven of the book’s authors will be on hand to teach the event content.  

May 17 - West Region

May 18 - South Central Region

May 20 - Central Region

May 24 - East Region

May 25 - North Central Region

May 27 - South Region