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Requirements for KBC Messengers


From the KBC Constitution & Bylaws:

The Body shall consist of messengers who are members of Baptist churches cooperating with the Convention as follows: (1) One (1) messenger from each church which:

(1) Is in friendly cooperation with the Convention and sympathetic with its purposes and work. Churches in cooperation with the Convention are understood by the Convention to be local congregations of scripturally-baptized believers in general agreement with any of the historic Baptist confessions of faith and who voluntarily prepare and submit an annual church profile. And, (2) Has been a bona fide contributor through the Cooperative Program during the fiscal year preceding.

(2) One (1) additional messenger from each such church for every two hundred [and] fifty (250) resident members; or for each $250.00 contributed through the Cooperative Program during the fiscal year preceding.

(3) The messengers shall be appointed and certified by the churches to the Convention, but no church may appoint more than ten (10).

(4) Ballots shall be issued to each messenger at the time of registration, and only registered messengers present shall be eligible to vote on business matters brought to the Convention.