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April 13, 2021


Host a gathering for Boomers & Seniors in your church!

As we age, many of us feel life is growing irrelevant and purpose is dwindling. However, quite the opposite is true. The next generation of believers needs spiritual mentors, encouragers, prayer warriors and friends. Boomers and seniors often have time and wisdom to offer their church. This can be used for eternal good.

If you want to be encouraged and equipped to make a difference in this special stage of life, register today for Celebration. Be a part of what God is doing in your church and community--engage with us and attend Celebration!

All attendees will receive a free copy of speaker Wayne Rice's book, Long Distance Grandparenting, which will be sent to each host church based on registration.


Featuring: Paul Badgett

Paul is a KBC Regional Consultant for the East Region and spends his days encouraging pastors and helping revitalize churches. His passion for the Lord and challenging messages will give you greater perspective on how to use your time and talents for the kingdom in any stage of life.

Featuring: Wayne Rice

Wayne is the author of Long-Distance Grandparenting and a nationally recognized speaker. He has been in ministry for over 50 years and currently enjoys serving grandparents. He believes grandparents are "uniquely positioned" to speak into their grandchildren's lives spiritually and offers many helpful insights to do so more effectively. Wayne also enjoys his bluegrass music radio show and spending time with family.

Jason Stewart will wrap up the event with Living Out the “Rock of Ages”: Come open the hymnal and the Bible to take a devotional study through hymns.


$5/person OR

$25/church MAXIMUM


Host an event on this date and time at your church


Opening General Session:

  • Darryl Wilson
  • Jason Stewart
  • Paul Badgett

Workshop 1:

  • Long-Distance Grandparenting: Wayne Rice

Discover and choose from practical ideas for impacting our grandchildren despite distance (or children in the church).


Workshop 2:

  • 8 Methods for Discipling Grandchildren: Rachel Cobb

Consistently engage your grandchildren in spiritual conversations and activities to pass faith onto future generations. (ch 7, Biblical Grandparenting)

  • Biblical Grandparenting: Don Murray

Explore God’s design for disciple-making and passing faith to future generations through 10 biblical themes with corresponding grandparent responsibility. (ch. 1, Biblical Grandparenting)

  • Generational Generosity: Austin Wilkerson

Leave inspired by stories of generosity and learn how you can leave a lasting legacy, too.

  • Prodigal Son Bible Study: Paul Badgett

Apply practical insight from Jesus’ familiar parable to prayer and expectancy related to our grandchildren.

  • Warm up the Bus: Greg Swack

Need new ideas for your group’s day trips?  Discover places your group could visit for fun, economical, and meaningful day trips.

Closing General Session:

  • Darryl Wilson
  • Jason Stewart