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Wise Counsel for Effective Pastors & Church Leaders

with Rick Howerton


Wise Counsel for Pastors & Church Leaders is a teaching series released 36 times per year. Each video offers encouragement and helpful training on current issues churches are facing. Rick Howerton is the host of the video series. He’s a regional consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has been a pastor, church planter, campus minister and disciple resource author for Lifeway.

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Episode 1 - Prayer and Fasting

Episode 2 - Five Responsibilities of Undershepherds

Episode 3 - Four Ways to Create a Culture of Love

Episode 4 - Loving People Far From Christ

Episode 5 - How to Parent a Spiritual Babe

Episode 6 - Five Ways to Motivate People to Share the Gospel

Episode 7 - Motivating Your Church to Be Evangelistic

Episode 8 - Five Marks of a Spiritually Immature Staff Member and What to Do About Them

Episode 9 - Four Times Procrastination Is the Right Thing to Do

Episode 10 - Creating a Powerful Deacon Ministry

Episode 11 - Six Practices of Pastors Who Exhibit Authority in Meetings

Episode 12 - The Three Lane Church

Episode 13 - Five Undeniable Reasons to Fire a Staff Member

Episode 14 - About the Lead Pastor Job Description

Episode 15 - How to Create a Healthy Staff Culture

Episode 16 - How to Get and Keep Men in Groups

Episode 17 - Wise Counsel for Extraordinary Pastors

Episode 18 - Is Your Church Being the Church or Doing Church?

Episode 19 - Leading Until They Believe in You

Episode 20 - Four Overlooked Reasons Church Members Aren't Becoming Mature Disciples

Episode 21 - Ten Characteristics of Irresistible Team Leaders

Epiosde 22 - Four Phrases to Avoid When Dismissing a Staff Member

Episode 23 - Ten Easy Way Pastors Can Strengthen Sunday Schools and Small Groups

Episode 24 - Disciple Making, Asking the Hardest Question of All

Episode 25 - How to Get Sunday School Classes and Small Groups to be on Mission

Episode 26 - Pastors Aren't Exempt - As Far as it Depends on You, Live at Peace With Everyone

Episode 27 - Six Essential Disciple-Making Imperatives

Episode 28 - Six Non-Negotiable Attitudes of a Christian Leader

Episode 29 - Five Unquestionable Reasons Pastors Should Say No to a Great Idea

Episode 30 - Prayer Hairs Worth Splitting, Praying the List vs. Praying in Faith

Episode 31 - Five Practical Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Church Ministry

Episode 32 - Being Sensitive Enough to be Insensitive

Episode 33 - Advice Giving vs. Mining for Wisdom

Episode 34 - Getting 100% of the Story

Episode 35 - Don't Be an Over-Leader Pastor

Episode 36 - Helping Church Members Understand (Supposedly) Unanswered Prayer


Episode 1 - Being Chosen as a Leader/Pastor is a Miraculous Thing

Episode 2 - Dealing with Church Members who are "New-Averse"

Episode 3 - The Biblical Mindset for Church-Growth

Episode 4 - Where Choir Should Fit Into Your Church

Episode 5 - Pastors Who Are Unteachable Will Soon Fail

Episode 6 - 9 Characteristics of Teachable Church Leaders

Episode 7 - 4 Questions to Guide Effectiveness of Your Staff

Episode 8 - Reasons We Don't Effectively Make Disciples

Episode 9 - When the Leader "Misses" the Moment

Episode 10 - Encouragement During Hard Times in the Ministry

Episode 11  - Embracing "Shepherding"

Episode 12 - Effective Leaders Don't Fly by the Seat of Their Pants

Episode 13 -  Should Preachers Be More Concerned About What Their Seminary Professors Think or What Their People Need?

Episode 14 - Setting Effective Visions for Your Church

Episode 15 - 5 Things to Think About When Determining a Church's Vision

Episode 16 - Think Like a Church-Planter, Not a Church-Reviver

Episode 17 - Effective Pastors Are Preachers, Pastors, AND Leaders

Episode 18 - Don't Confusing "Feelings" With Heartfelt Worship

Episode 19 - The Key to Discipleship: Spend Time With God Daily

Episode 20 - Pastors of Growing Churches Dream BIG

Episode 21 - Having the Right People in the Right Places Doing the Right Things is Crucial

Episode 22 - Making Hard Calls - Reaching Others With the Gospel

Episode 23 - Characteristics of an Effective Pastor

Episode 24 - Leaders Must Lead, Avoid Fear

Episode 25 - Seven Ways to Saturate the Church Body with the Vision Statement

Episode 26 - The Right, Reasonable, and Biblical Responsibilities of the Local Pastor

Episode 27 -  The Revolutionary Principle - Being an Experimental Church

Episode 28 - Your Church's Work Environment - Which is it?

Episode 29 - One Statement Pastors of Growing Churches Never, Ever Make

Episode 30 - How to Purposefully Attain and Retain Volunteers

Episode 31 - Should Your Church Have a "Meet and Greet" Time?

Episode 32 - Practical Practices of Pastors Who Make it to the End

Episode 33 - Seven Excellent Elements of a Vision-Casting Talk

Episode 34 -  "On Your Knees" Leadership

Episode 35 - The Most Important and Most Overlooked Principle When Budgeting

Episode 36 - Two Sensible and Wise Ways to Kill an Ineffective Ministry


Episode 1 - 5 Undeniable Resolutions Transformational Pastors Should Make

Episode 2 - The Art of Saying, "No"

Episode 3 - Four Pitfalls Every Church Leader Should Avoid Like the Plague

Episode 4 - Four Creative Ways to Say Thanks to Church Leaders

Episode 5 - Six Reasons a Church-Wide Campaign is Great for Your Church

Episode 6 - Are You a Leader? Leaders Take People Where They Need to Go.

Episode 7 - Church Discipline, Protecting the Church You Lead

Episode 8 - Five Words of Wisdom for Courageous Pastors and Church Planters

Episode 9 - Four Types of Post-Christian Era People and the Needs of Each

Episode 10 - Is an out of Control Church the Best Kind?!

Episode 11 -  Is Your Church a Disciple-Making Church? Six Behind-the-Curtain Indicators

Episode 12 -  Koinonia in a Post-Christian Era

Episode 13 - Leading a Church ... What Moses Teaches Us

Episode 14 - The 8 Y's of TEAM

Episode 15 - Pastor/Leader or Preacher/Boss, Which Are You?

Episode 16 -  Biblical Goal Setting

Episode 17 - Five Words That Are Derailing Disciple Making

Episode 18 - 10 Things I Learned From My Dad Every Pastor Needs to Know

Episode 19 - The Stand Alone Pastor

Episode 20 - The Transitioning Church Leader ... 10 Practices Learned in the Trenches

Episode 21 - The 4 Most Important Questions a Pastor Will Ever Ask

Episode 22 - Leader ... How to Protect Yourself from Your Own Tendencies

Episode 23 - The Most Important Qualities and Skills of An Effective Leader

Episode 24 - Three Statements and One Undeniable Reality for Churches Considering Revitalization

Episode 25 - Leading the Unleadable

Episode 26 - Helping Church Members Understand Faith and Doubt

Episode 27 - 3 Practical Necessities for Pastors Who Lead Volunteers

Episode 28 - Do You Have to Love the Staff You Lead?

Episode 29 - Getting Shame, Guilt and Sin Out Into the Light

Episode 30 - Seven Words of Encouragement for the Volunteers You Lead

Episode 31 - Three Questions Every Pastor Should Ask Daily

Episode 32 - What to Do on the Days You're Overly-Sensitive

Episode 33 - The One Word That's Jump Starting Disciple Making

Episode 34 - When Hiring Staff Members, Be Aware and Beware of Your Personal Biases

Episode 35 - 3 Things Pastors Could Learn from My Emergency Room Doctor

Episode 36 - The Power of a Synergistic Conversation

Episode 37 - Wise Awarenesses Pastors Should Keep in Mind During the Christmas Season

Episode 38 - The Cost of Discipleship

Episode 39 - A Personal Message from Rick


Episode 1 - Four Essential Leadership Principles That Are Learned In the Trenches

Episode 2 - 3 Redemptive Acts That Will Make Your Church a Magnet for Sinners

Episode 3 - Seven Stages to Membership, Getting Guests to Stick

Episode 4 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Facility Barriers

Episode 5 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Pastor Barriers

Episode 6 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Outreach Barriers

Episode 7 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Financial Barriers

Episode 8 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Leadership Barriers

Episode 9 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Mindset Barriers

Episode 10 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Internal Structure Barriers

Episode 11 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Sunday School Barriers

Episode 12 - Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Spiritual Barriers

Episode 13 - Preaching, Three Encouragements of Jesus

Episode 14 - Building Relational Equity: Becoming a Coveted Conversationalist

Episode 15 - Building Relational Equity: Sharing the Right Spaces

Episode 16 - Seven Rules for Pastors Who Want to Experience a Rejuvenating Vacation

Episode 17 - Creating a Compelling Vision Statement

Episode 18 - Four Comments Pastors Should Ignore…Almost Always

Episode 19 - Leverage and Leadership

Episode 20 - The Most Effective Way to Recruit Long-Term Volunteers

Episode 21 - Pastor, Do Your Church Members Want to Be Healed – Really?

Episode 22 - How You Might Experience Inner Peace

Episode 23 - 5 Reasons to Leave the Church You’re Serving

Episode 24 - Pastor, Are You Growing the Kingdom of God or Building an Efficient Organization?

Episode 25 - Subculturing… The Church Must Escape Her Own, Evangelistic Necessities

Episode 26 - 7 Necessities for an Efficient Team Meeting

Episode 27 - The Most Dangerous Person in Any Meeting

Episode 28 - Living a Life of Leadership: 5 Expectations of Pastors Who Get It

Episode 29 - 5 Reasons to Remain at the Church You’re Serving

Episode 30 - 5 Often Overlooked Equity Building Leadership Necessities

Episode 31 - 5 Churches That Will Never Make Many Mature Disciples

Episode 32 - 5 Audacious Guidelines for Deacons and Elders Aspiring to Unity With the Church Staff

Episode 33 - 10 Practices of Senior Pastors Who Lead Change and Survive

Episode 34 - Four Mistakes Church Leaders Often Make During the Christmas Season

Episode 35 - Three Gifts Every Pastor Should Give Their Family for Christmas

Episode 36 - A personal word from Rick Howerton