With all of life’s recent changes, Sunday School still matters!

It connects, evangelizes, and disciples people. Because the work of Sunday School is so important, training is needed for every leader.

Sunday School is crucial to growth and discipleship in the local church, but it’s easy to neglect the training and curriculum that is needed to make these classes successful. This event can help! By hearing from experts across the state, your church leaders will leave more equipped to lead effectively.

Why does Sunday School matter?

Research has shown that growing Sunday Schools have leaders that train. Prayer, care, invitations, new members, more workers, and new classes also are essential for growing Sunday School.
Pastors say that 50-100% of lost adults will be saved within 12 months of attending Sunday School.
Research by Thom Rainer of LifeWay has shown that 83% of people attending Sunday School will still be involved in the church five years later while only 16% of those not in Sunday School will be.

Check back closer to 2022 for the next event dates.

Pastors, Directors, and Adult Teachers:
Sunday School as Strategy: The church has a mission – the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus Himself. What the church needs is a strategy to fulfill that mission. This will show how Sunday School is that strategy.

A Franchising Sunday School: Like McDonald’s, Sunday School needs to expand and franchise herself. This is about staring new groups: why start them, when to start them, and how to start them.