Join other women in evangelistic encouragement and fellowship at the REACH Conference Women’s Ministry Track!

Hear from women who have served in ministry and missions roles in Kentucky and around the world. Find speaker information, breakout topics, and the schedule below.


Hear from Sara Robinson at Lunch & Learn

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Dawn Reed

Sharing Christ in a Hostile World

We live in an angry world. Traffic, masks, vaccinations, politics, and a host of other topics have tempers stirred leaving everyone on edge. The devil is having a field day dividing families, friends, neighbors, even strangers over the littlest things. Meanwhile, everyone needs Jesus! More people are lost than ever before. In an angry, hostile world, how do we bridge the gap with the love of Jesus? How do we reach the lost?

Kristy Carr

Praying for Missions

There is a clear link throughout scriptures between intercession and missions. Intercession in missions puts our dependence on God, not ourselves. We will delve into ways to pray for missions and asking the Lord to break our hearts for what breaks His heart.

Sara Robinson

Sharing Christ in a Busy World

Our lives seem to grow busier by the minute! How do we keep evangelism as a priority when our time is limited, and everyone wants a part of our schedule? As we eat, you’ll hear tips and strategies for sharing Christ in a busy world.


Monday, March 13

12:00 PM – REACH Conference Registration
1:30 PM – REACH Conference: Session One
3:15 PM – Breakout: Session #1 (Dawn Reed)
4:15 PM – Dinner & Conversation
6:00 PM – REACH Conference: Session Two
7:40 PM – REACH Conference: Session Three
8:35 PM – Dismiss
8:35 PM – Ice Cream & Networking

Tuesday, March 14

8:00 AM – REACH Conference Registration
9:00 AM – Breakout: Session #2 (Kristy Carr)
10:20 AM – REACH Conference: Session Four
12:00 PM – Dismiss
12:15 PM – Lunch & Learn (Optional) (Sara Robinson)
1:45 PM – Dismiss