Do you want an exciting and meaningful boost for your church? Do you want your church or small group to be more involved in missions? Do you want to “get to know” a missionary? Join Kentucky’s “adopt a missionary” program!

No, missionaries are not orphans, but adoption is a beautiful word that helps describe the strong relationship between missionaries and the churches and friends who pray and encourage them in their ministries. The church at Antioch, in a sense, adopted Paul and Barnabas as special messengers of the gospel to Asia and Europe (Acts 13:1-3).

Missionaries serve in various roles all across the state. We encourage every church (or Bible study class, ministry team, missions organization, etc.) to adopt a Kentucky missionary.

How to take care
How to take care

An adopting church or group will experience:

  • A personal relationship with an active missionary.
  • A strengthened commitment to missions.
  • A heightened awareness of missions opportunities.
  • A fresh, outwardly focused ministry perspective.
  • Group building and bonding through service to others.
  • An opportunity to see God at work and an invitation to join Him in it.

Since relationships do not generally happen overnight and because it takes time for a church or group to organize and plan a strategy, a two-year adoption period is encouraged. At the end of the two years, the church or group can extend the length of the existing adoption relationship or request another missionary to adopt.

Ways to Help Your Adopted Missionary

Prayer – This is their No. 1 need! When you pray for missionaries, you are making room in your heart for God to work, extending your care beyond your community and experience.

Communicate – A telephone call, letter, or email can offer much-needed encouragement to a discouraged missionary called by God to the place where he or she is serving.

Send Something – A birthday or holiday care package let’s missionaries know you are remembering them on their special day. Click here for a list of Kentucky Baptist missionaries and pray for them on their birthdays by visiting our interSeed webpage.

Visit – Make arrangements to visit their ministry sites and assist them in their work. Plan a mission trip for a group from your church.

Invite – Missionaries love to talk about their ministries and how God is working. Let them share with your church, small group, or missions organization.

Meet a Need – There is always a shortage of needed resources in ministry. What does your missionary need that you or your church group could provide?