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Kentucky Baptist Convention

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The Kentucky Baptist Convention is a cooperative missions and ministry organization made up of nearly 2,400 autonomous Baptist churches in Kentucky. These churches have a total membership of around 700,000 people.

The term “Kentucky Baptist Convention” refers to both the denomination and its annual meeting. Working through over 60 local associations and in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, Kentucky Baptists share a common bond of basic Biblical beliefs and a commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

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KBC Staff
KBC Staff

“I have found the KBC staff to always be extremely warm and affirming of pastors. Even when there is little that can be done to genuinely help a situation, they help men (and women) feel better about where they are.”

Church Planting
Church Planting

“They support church planters and are truly interested in helping Pastors and their churches have all the tools they need to be successful in reaching people in their community.”

Great Commission
Great Commission

“Great at partnering with the association in order to resource churches for the task of the Great Commission.”