How can you honor and encourage Boomers & Seniors in your church and community?

We offer a variety of tools – consultations, events, network, recommended reading and downloadable resources – all aimed at helping Kentucky Baptists celebrate the lives and contributions of Seniors born before 1946 and Boomers born 1946-1964.

As we age, many of us feel life is growing irrelevant and purpose is dwindling. However, quite the opposite is true. The next generation of believers needs spiritual mentors, encouragers, prayer warriors and friends. Boomers and Seniors often have time and wisdom to offer their church. This can be used for eternal good.

If you want the Boomers and Seniors in your church to be encouraged and equipped to make a difference in their special stage of life, receive a consultation from Darryl Wilson and sign up to participate in one of our annual events.


Boomer and Senior Celebration events are annual gatherings for Boomers and Seniors. They are in-person times of training and encouragement offered on weekdays and spread across the state in 2-3 locations. Learn more about the upcoming dates, locations and program schedule for these events by clicking the button below.

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Consultations are conversations designed to help you move forward in your plans for ministry with Boomers and Seniors. Consultations involve listening, questions, and coaching. For your convenience, consultations can be in person, on the phone or Zoom, by email or text, and even through social media. Let’s get the conversation started! Contact me at or by calling 502.489.3341 or 866.489.3341 (toll free in Kentucky).



Here we want to share helpful articles, lists, books, and websites for ministry with Boomers and Seniors. Please contact Darryl Wilson if you discover resources not listed here that you have found helpful.

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