Let us help you elevate your disciple making efforts! Doug Williams and Job Juarez will collaborate with your church in strategizing locally and partnering globally to advance the Great Commission!

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A Vision Tour is an opportunity for pastors, associational mission strategists and mission leaders to spend time with potential ministry partners and hear their vision for reaching people with the gospel. Vision Tours range from a few days to about a week and are led by KBC staff or ministry partners. All of these trips are made possible through your generous gifts to the Cooperative Program.

Healthy Missions Partnerships
What makes for a healthy church and missionary partnership? 
1. Long-term (3-5 years)
2. Multiple teams, per year, if possible
3. Intentionally gospel-centered
4. Host church missionary determines needs
5. Be a servant

Destino: Chile is coming on May 9, 2024!

From 9:30 am - 2:30 pm at the Kentucky Baptist Building
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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Every Church on Mission (ECOM)
Every Church on Mission is an initiative to help churches take their next Great Commission step.

Every church, regardless of size, location or demographic, is capable of taking its next missional step. To consider what your church’s next step may be, explore the four elements in Every Church on Mission below. Then share what your church’s next step will be.

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Great Commission Pipeline

A pipeline is a channel by which something passes from point A to point B. The primary purpose of the Great Commission Pipeline is to help pastors, leaders, and church members to discover and understand their unique role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Every church and every member is called to live on mission, and everyone in that calling is vital.

In this study, we pray a culture of “sentness” is developed in every KBC church, so every church realizes God’s purpose is to use every member to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Acts 1:8 Missions Strategy

Ensure that your congregation has a missions strategy that reaches your “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and ends of the earth.” This often looks like having local, statewide, national, and international missions projects. Contact Doug Williams ( or Job Juarez ( to learn more about developing or evaluating your church’s Acts 1:8.

International Team Leader Training

Leading an international mission trip is an incredible privilege. It’s also a major responsibility. Prepare yourself now by learning what to expect, how to plan your strategy, and how to manage those important logistics. Team Leader Training is open to any Kentucky Baptist planning to lead a mission trip or interested in learning more about leading a trip.

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Travel Agents/Insurance

Travel Insurance Recommendation:

Mission Safe

Travel Agent Recommendations:

STG Travel
Renee Singh
Tel: 214-789-9451

Isle Travel, Inc.
Mark Finch
Tel: 866-805-5767

Mission City Travel, LLC
Kevin Cabe

Links for International Travel

Below is a list of helpful travel websites:

Visa/Passport –
Tips for Traveling Abroad –
Immunization Requirements –
Overseas Security Advisory Council –
U.S. Embassy Registration –


Technology in Missions
Why Technology
Why Technology

While every church should play a role in fulfilling the Great Commission, many aren’t aware that technology can help in doing so. Learn how to use technology to share the gospel anywhere, including remote areas where people have never heard about Christ.

4.5 billion people are unreached with the gospel. 154,937 people die daily without Christ. So many without the gospel, yet our world today is increasingly accessible to almost anyone, anywhere thanks to technology. There are now more cell phones on the planet than there are people. As believers, we must harness the technology of the day to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus. Despite the growing connection of the world, there are still “billions who can’t access God’s Word because of oppression, illiteracy, and limited electricity and internet.” This is where our new partnership with Renew World Outreach comes in. 

Renew is a ministry which develops technology, training, and audio/visual equipment to help reach people in their heart language, anywhere in the world. They develop equipment such as solar video projectors, lightstream Wi-Fi hotspots, solar audio Bibles, and micro SD cards to share the gospel and make disciples of Jesus among the billions of peoples and places that are unreached. KBC Missions Mobilization Team is here to help you connect with technology resources that will leverage your gospel impact around the world, particularly among hard to reach peoples and places.  

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iGo2 Manual

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