Welcome the displaced locally.

We live in an incredibly unique time to fulfill the great commission! Technology, migration, travel, and media has made the world more globally connected, yet culturally diverse.

Every day, millions of people are moving across the planet, and communities, cities, and countries are literally changing overnight.  Most have been displaced through war, famine, persecution, racism, human trafficking, natural disaster, or forced migration. Many of them have never heard the name of Jesus and are desperately seeking help, healing, hope, purpose and truth.

In midst of this global crisis, God is opening new pathways for the church to respond to needs, share the gospel, build community, and plant churches. 

Click on the appropriate heading in the boxes to discover how you can share Christ and reach displaced people locally and globally.

Go to the displaced globally.

For training and resources about how your church can embrace this global call, please contact John Barnett. You can email him at john.barnett@kybaptist.org  or call him at (502) 654-3385.

“So then you are no longer slaves and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.” Ephesians 2:19

Discover the opportunities

Learn about ongoing opportunities for your church to embrace displaced people both locally and globally.

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Develop a strategy

We want to help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reach displaced people in your area. The steps of this strategy are summarized as follows: Step #1 – Hear & Share, Step #2 – Access & Discover, Step #3 – Develop & Implement, Step #4 – Train & Equip.

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Equip your church

Our team can provide personalized resources and trainings to your church as they prepare to minister to displaced people in your region. The two trainings are the Refugee Loss Simulation and Embracing the Displaced.

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Learn more about how you can minister to displaced people groups:
Forcibly Displaced
  • Internally displaced
  • Asylum seekers
  • Refugees
Vulnerably Displaced
  • Human trafficking
  • Homeless
  • Orphans
Purposefully Displaced
  • International students
  • Immigrants
  • Migrant workers
Naturally Displaced
  • Natural disaster
  • Famine
  • Disease

are forcibly displaced worldwide.


are vulnerably displaced through human trafficking and enslavement.


are purposefully displaced as immigrants living in the United States (including their U.S.-born children). This comprises 28% of the overall U.S. population.

Consultation provided by:

John Barnett