Wherever the disaster occurs, Kentucky volunteers may be called out to help.

Kentucky has an active disaster relief program that works in concert with similar programs in other states. More than 2,500 individuals are trained as Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief workers. Volunteers can staff feeding units designed to deliver thousands of hot meals on short notice; move in with chainsaws to help remove debris; do the dirty work of helping families remove mud from flooded homes; and provide many other disaster relief services.

New Volunteers

Learn about and sign up for first time disaster relief training.

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Recredentialing Volunteers

Learn how to be recredentialed as a disaster relief volunteer.


Cross-Training Volunteers

Learn how to become a cross-trained volunteer in disaster relief.


Chaplaincy Training

Learn how to become trained as a disaster relief chaplain.


Why be trained in Disaster Relief?

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Learn how to become a Ready Church in Disaster Relief

Churches can prepare for disaster by developing a strategy to minister to their communities during a crisis. This is done through facilities preparation, member training, securing supplies, and developing protocols to activate the church’s disaster response plan.

Ready Church is a strategy plan to assist churches in preparing for disasters that can strike their communities. It helps churches prepare, connect, and respond in times of disaster. The plan identifies some of the likely disaster scenarios that may occur in a church’s community and why the congregation needs to be prepared if it is to be effective in ministry.

Ready Church offers churches practical suggestions about how to prepare for ministry, develop a strategy, connect with those who are affected and other responding groups, and be ready to walk through doors of ministry opportunities during disasters. The plan also offers insight on how to keep response leaders active in ministry between disasters. Unfortunately, most churches are unprepared for disasters and miss strategic opportunities to offer compassionate ministry and share the hope of the gospel.

Is your church ready?

Contact Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief at (502) 489-3527 or (866) 489-3527 (toll free in Kentucky) for more information or to coordinate a Ready Church training session in your area.

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