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Are you a church or associational ministry assistant? This event is just for you!

The Kentucky Baptist Convention and Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky (BMAK) invite church ministry assistants to attend a day of learning, networking and fellowship. With over 23 unique sessions, we have something for everyone!

Event price includes conference, materials and lunch. Find event details and conference session information below. 

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Event Details


August 2, 2024


Buck Run Baptist Church
Frankfort, Kentucky


Early bird rate, $45
After July 21, 2024, $55


Rooms are available at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Frankfort at a rate of $139.
*If you would prefer to book your reservation over the phone, please call 502.695.8881.

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Conference Descriptions

*Conference Sessions may change. Check back often for the latest information.

Called to Serve

What is a servant? A servant is one who lives to benefit another person— they sacrifice for someone else’s joy or fulfillment. When we are always focused on ourselves, it drains the joy out of our lives. We were created to love others—to focus outward and concern ourselves with the needs of those around us. While it may not come naturally, learn some steps to take toward serving as Jesus served us.

Church Management Software Round Table

We will discuss popular software so you can choose one that will work for you. Church ministry assistants who use different options will share what they’ve learned about Breeze, Servant Keeper and more. Join us for a lively conversation!

Church Prepared: Your Role in Preventing Abuse

In this conference, attendees will learn facts and misconceptions concerning sexual abuse. Attention will be given to important tasks in which ministry assistants may be involved. Best practices for crafting policies and procedures, processing background checks, and assisting with necessary reporting will be discussed.

Craft Your Newsletter Like a Pro

Join an interactive workshop to elevate newsletter creation using Canva. Learn template selection, customization, color schemes, visual hierarchy, and utilizing Canva’s graphics library. Gain confidence in designing newsletters that are great to read, easy to navigate, and full of vital information.

Cyber Security

Description coming soon

Energized, Effective and Efficient

If you need more order and margin in your life, consider time management from a Biblical perspective. Join us to consider basic principles of prioritizing, sharing techniques to increase effectiveness, and consider how rest is vital and productive.

Excel (Intermediate)

Description coming soon

Grief Comes in Many Forms

Unconventional grief involves loss in a form other than death. A loved one may drift into dementia or sink into addiction. A person we once knew can be taken away by brain injury or mental illness. Whatever the circumstance, our loved one is gone. And still sits at the dinner table. We will address ways of coping with unconventional grief through scripture.

Handling Money in the Church

To be good stewards of the funds entrusted to your church, you need to have proper checks and balances. Take this class to learn about maintaining proper internal controls, record retention, moving from paper to digital records and more.

Hands On CANVA (Beginner)

Join this Canva workshop to unleash your creative potential. Learn to navigate the platform, use its tools effectively, and create impressive designs for your church collateral or social media. This workshop is designed for the absolute beginner, so no prior experience in graphic design is required. You’ll have everyone fooled in no time! (BYOL – Bring Your Own Laptop for hands-on learning!)

Hands on CANVA (Advanced)

Unlock your creativity with the Advanced Canva Workshop, elevating design skills with custom templates, brand kits, animations, and graphic design principles. Tailored for Canva users who have a working knowledge of the platform, this immersive workshop will enhance design proficiency for materials, collateral, and graphics. (BYOL – Bring Your Own Laptop for hands-on learning!)

Ministry of Presence

This is a ministry where we serve people even though it might make us uncomfortable. This means that we will stand with people in the midst of their anxiety, sin and fear. Most importantly, in these difficult time, we will turn to scripture. Come explore how Jesus teaches us to minister to others in challenging situations.

One Thing is Necessary

If you’re in ministry, then you’re probably an over-thinker and/or an over-doer. In Luke 10 Jesus compassionately tells us how to prioritize. Is there hope for those of us who thrive on checking off boxes on our To Do List?

OneNote (Beginner 101)

Learn to capture and manage your ideas using Microsoft’s most useful application. Capture notes, access them on multiple devices, keep records organized and more. Using this powerful and dynamic tool, you can manage information from emails, meetings or conversations in an easy to access format. Not sure where to store that contact, login information, instructions, or how-to steps? I do . . . . OneNote!

OneNote (Intermediate 201)

Learn to capture and manage your ideas using Microsoft’s most useful application. Expanding on the Beginner’s session, learn to share Notebooks with co-workers. Using this powerful and dynamic tool, you can manage your records in a way that make it easy to search, find and share with others. Let’s learn to collaborate with co-workers in an organized way!

Planning for Retirement

It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. If you are asking yourself questions such as “Will I have adequate retirement income?”, “Are my retirement investments appropriate for me?” or “How do taxes affect my retirement planning?” then this is the session for you!

Policies & Procedures to Protect Ministry

We will discuss policies and procedures churches should have in place to safeguard your ministry by establishing best practices that minimize liability and avoid responding to pressure of personalities that can set unsustainable or undesired precedents. Sample policies will be provided to personalize to meet your ministry needs.

Put SBC Workspace to Work for You

Let us make your life easier! Through the KBC you have access to ky.sbc.workspace, a system used by hundreds of SBC churches. You can use the system to keep your church leadership and contact information current. Workspace also provides years of historical data as reported in the Annual Church Profile report. In this class you will learn how to update your church information and create historical/current reports directly from the system. You will also learn how to provide your ACP information each year quickly and painlessly.

Social Media Scroll-Stopping Secrets

Navigating the vast and fast-evolving landscape of social media can be challenging. This workshop is designed to empower church leaders, communication teams, and volunteers with critical knowledge and strategies for effectively leveraging social media for their ministries. Breaking it down into just a few steps can save time and resources and keep your followers engaged!

The Joy of Scripture Journaling

We will take the theme passage (1 Peter 4:10) and dig down into the verse by using basic hermeneutics through journaling. Bringing to the fore-fold of our hearts the principals from this passage while intimately connecting to this passage in personal journaling. At the end we will record in our journals a written prayer over the passage to revisit.

What Are You Communicating?

What do your church website, social media, and printed handouts communicate to readers? Come prepared to share examples from your church for an encouraging class discussion. You will also learn how to create effective graphics, build short-form videos for social media, and set up your website as an effective connection point for visitors.

What Should you Know about Church Security?

We will discuss what many Kentucky churches (and other states) are doing when it comes to security. It should be more than just preparing for an active shooter. Let’s get in a security mindset and go over what this means for a ministry assistant. Sound interesting? Join us!


9:00 am – Registration opens
9:30 am – Opening Session
10:15 am – Conference Session 1
11:25 am – Conference Session 2
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:30 pm – BMAK Business meeting
2:00 pm – Conference Session 3
3:10 pm – Conference Session 4
4:20 pm – Closing Session
4:30 pm – Workshop concludes

You will have the opportunity to attend 4 one-hour conferences.



"This job can be isolating, especially if you work with a small staff, but here you will not only discover a wealth of resources but also leave with supportive friends who know the struggles you face and celebrate your wins with you."


"I benefited from the breakout sessions and came away with practical applications to do my job better, and even save time in the process! The next one is already in my calendar!"


"There are so many great breakout options available and it’s also always such a blessing to fellowship and worship with fellow ministry assistants, catching up with familiar faces and meeting new friends."