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Ministry Assistants Workshop

July 15, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Are you a church ministry assistant? This event is just for you!

The Kentucky Baptist Convention and Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky (BMAK) invite church ministry assistants to attend a day of learning, networking and fellowship. With over 15 unique sessions, we have something for everyone!

Find event details and conference session information below.


Event Details


9:00 am – Registration opens
9:30 am – Opening Session
10:15 am – Conference Session 1
11:25 am – Conference Session 2
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:30 pm – BMAK Business meeting
2:00 pm – Conference Session 3
3:10 pm – Conference Session 4
4:20 pm – Closing Session
4:30 pm – Workshop concludes

You will have the opportunity to attend 4 one-hour conferences.


July 15, 2022


Hillvue Heights Baptist Church, Bowling Green


Early bird rate, $45 | After July 1, 2022, $55

Price includes conference, materials, lunch and a complimentary membership in Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky (current members will receive a one-year membership extension.)

Hotel Information

Hotel rooms are available at the Holiday Inn Express located at 165 Three Springs Rd, Bowling Green at the rate of $112 per night.

Please use the booking link below or call the hotel at 270-843-3200 and ask for the KY Baptist Convention Training – Attendee Block, group code KBA

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Conference Sessions

Boundaries in Ministry and Life

Establishing boundaries can be uncomfortable. Other people may not like or understand them, but if we follow the Biblical example, they are the most loving thing we can do for our friends, families and co-workers. Boundaries define where you end and someone else begins. Join this workshop and learn steps to a new beginning.

Church Marketing: How to Cut Through the Clutter

Your church is competing for the hearts and minds of the people it seeks to serve. Amid a world of endless choices, it is difficult to be seen and heard. In this session, we will discuss how to simplify your messaging and cut through the clutter. We also will talk about how to reach your intended audience and point them to a clear call of action. Along the way, we will touch on other communication tips for improving your writing skills, graphic design, emails, newsletters, websites, social media and project management. For more in-depth discussion about social media and websites, be sure to check out “Creating an Online Strategy for Your Church.”

Creating an Online Strategy for Your Church

Are you in a rut with your church’s social media and website? Take your online strategy from non-existent to vibrantly evangelistic with a few simple steps that can be easily incorporated into your weekly routine. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone! Learn how to create a strategy and schedule to keep your church’s social media and website effective and engaging. We’ll even discuss how to recruit eager volunteers to help. This session covers everything from social media basics and website options to ready-made resources and the power of Facebook “boosting.” Explore the community-reaching possibilities of your church’s online strategy!

Encouragement for the All-Day Worker

As we move through our daily duties at work we are sometimes tempted to say, “Hey, that’s not fair!” The parable of the “All Day Worker” gives us insight into what is fair about our work and what is our responsibility as a Christian. We will talk about attitudes and behaviors that can change our patterns of thinking.

Google How to Google

“Google it” is often used as a verb, but do you really know all the search engine has to offer? It’s more than just your go-to information retriever. Learn about some helpful, free apps and unleash the power of Google.

Handling Money in the Church

In this conference we’ll review the basic policies and procedures a church should use in handling money. We also will look at the appropriate internal controls every church should use will help protect the church’s financial integrity.

Canva: Let’s Start at the Beginning

When you are asked to be a graphic designer but just aren’t, Canva can be your new bestie. This introductory session will familiarize you with the popular online resource and have you creating eye-catching graphics in no time.

Canva 2.0

If you have dabbled in Canva and are looking to take the next step, this session is for you. Take a deeper dive into what Canva has to offer and learn about some great tools for social media templates, booklets and flyers.

Office Survival Guide

We hope it won’t ever happen, but sometimes unexpected interruptions occur. While your pastor and staff can probably survive a few days without you, what happens if life necessitates a longer, unplanned absence? Join us as we discuss how best to equip those who may have to step into your position. You’ll leave with an outline that you can customize to your specific position.

Stress-Free Minute Taking & Proofing

Do you panic when asked to take minutes? Do you struggle with what you should and shouldn’t record? Do you return from meetings with pages of notes that don’t make sense? How many times do you have to look at a document to know it is correct? Here’s help to ease the stress, confusion and fear of taking minutes, and what you need to know to proof your documents like a pro.

Tackling Trello

Who wants some more space for thoughts, organization and margin to plan? Lists and cards are the building blocks of organizing work on a Trello board. Grow from there with task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, calendars and more.

Tell Us About Your Church or Association!

Providing the Kentucky Baptist Convention with current church information ensures that you won’t miss out on any KBC opportunities. Did you know that you can access historical data for your church as well? Churches report this information annually via the Annual Church Profile (ACP) or on SBC Workspace. Come to this session and learn how to do all of this quickly and easily.

The 10 Most Critical Financial Issues for Christians

In this conference we’ll review the critical basics of effectively handling money. In doing this we’ll look at a number of areas where people tend to frequently make financial mistakes that often to have a negative effect on our entire lives.

Time Saving Design with CANVA

Do any of us have a lot of time to spare? No, and yet, we need to create designs to communicate with purpose. Whether you’ve been tasked with creating an attention-grabbing social media post or branding collateral, Canva is just the treasure box you’ve been searching for. It saves countless hours of learning difficult programming, and you will be looking like a professional designer in no time!

Where do I Begin?

Ministry assistants serve staff members or ministry leaders of a church, including pastors. They work as a support system, taking a secondary role to further the goals of the ministry leader and engage in activities expressing Christian faith. If you are new to the church office, join us in this class for some helpful information as you strive to be the best ministry assistant you can be!

Volunteers: More Precious Than Gold

Having the right people available to jump in and help when you are overwhelmed can be a great asset! Enlisting and training volunteers requires time and effort but will pay dividends during those times when you need them the most. Learn where to find the “right” people, and how do you keep them.