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Ministry Assistants Workshop

August 4 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Are you a church ministry assistant? This event is just for you!

The Kentucky Baptist Convention and Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky (BMAK) invite church ministry assistants to attend a day of learning, networking and fellowship. With over 15 unique sessions, we have something for everyone!

Event price includes conference, materials, lunch and a complimentary membership in Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky (current members will receive a one-year membership extension). Find event details and conference session information below. 


Event Details


August 4, 2023


Parkway Baptist Church
2580 Springfield Rd, Bardstown


Early bird rate, $45
After July 21, 2023, $55

Conference Topic Discussions

ACP – What’s That?!

What is the ACP (Annual Church Profile)? Why do I have to turn this information into the association and/or KBC? For what purpose is this information used? How does it benefit my church? Treasurers ask, why do you need my church’s financial information? Lisa Plemmons will answer all your questions. You’re encouraged to bring your laptop or tablet to gain hands-on experience.

Avoiding Burnout

Job burnout is a special type of job stress — a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work. If you think you might be experiencing job burnout, join us as we learn how to recognize and face the problem. Take action before job burnout affects your health.

Better Together: Understanding What the KBC Can Do for You

Are you a little curious about what goes on in the Kentucky Baptist Convention? Would you like to know the resources and references available to you? In this session, you will understand how the largest religious body in Kentucky operates and discover an abundance of ways the KBC can serve you and your church.

Biblical Conflict Resolution

We all have conflict. It might not be a big blow up, but most of us regularly have tense conversations with a church member or difficulties working with another staff member. This conference will help you be prepared for any conflict that might arise at work or at home.

Canva Options: Email Templates

Email templates are essential as they save time, ensure consistency, and maintain your church’s brand identity. Templates allow for more efficient and effective communication. They also help in maintaining a professional and polished image of the business. So, if you are ready to enhance productivity and streamline communication — this is just what you need.

Church Management Software Round Table

We will discuss popular software so you can choose one that will work for you. Church ministry assistants
who use different options will share what they’ve learned about Breeze, Servant Keeper and more. Join us for a lively conversation!

Encouragement for the All-Day Worker

As we move through our daily duties at work we are sometimes tempted to say, “Hey, that’s not fair!” The parable of the “All-Day Worker” gives us insight into what is fair about our work and what is our responsibility as a Christian. We will talk about attitudes and behaviors that can change our patterns of thinking.

Event Planning Made Easy

Ministry assistants wear many hats and are often called upon to plan events of varying sizes. This session will review the critical planning steps that culminate in a stress-free and enjoyable event.

Intermediate Excel

Ready to expand your Excel abilities? Join us for this session where you will learn to create and format charts, dashboard reports and insert or modify graphics, as well as custom sorting, filtering, table formatting, multi-level subtotaling and more.

Introduction to Excel

Learn the most effective methods to create, modify, format and print Microsoft Excel worksheets. Discover how to enter and edit data, and apply basic formulas and functions to summarize data. Explore custom formatting features, such as fonts and conditional formatting, shortcuts and print options.

Manage Your Margin

Who could use some more time? Using your time wisely and protecting it are critical aspects of living a productive and fulfilling life — especially in your office. It’s essential to set clear priorities and avoid distractions so that you can focus on the most important tasks at hand. By being intentional about how you use your time and protecting it, you can achieve your goals and live a more balanced life. Need some help in this? Come on over! We will discuss and make your calendar your own again! (Gasp! It’s true)

The New Era of Church Communications

Visitors are making a decision about your church within 10 seconds of online searching. Is your church discoverable? Learn about the new era of church communications: how social media trends are changing, how to structure your website to engage new visitors, and how to keep your members in the loop with simple and effective marketing strategies.

OneNote Does it All

Learn to capture and manage your ideas using Microsoft’s most useful application. Capture notes, access them on multiple devices and share them with co-workers. Using this powerful and dynamic tool, you can manage information from emails, meetings or conversations in an easy to access format.

Removing the Fear of AI

We hear a lot about AI(artificial intelligence) in the news, and it can be overwhelming and scary! Let us introduce you to AI and how it could help you in your work. We’ll also share a few great do’s and don’ts!

Volunteers: More Precious Than Gold

Ever wish you had volunteers who could jump in and help when you are overwhelmed? In this session you not only will learn how to enlist and train people to become dependable volunteers, but you will learn how to keep them.

What’s New in Canva?

Ready to see all that Canva is offering that is new?! (Yes, yes you do!) In this class you’ll leave with five new Canva options that will make your day brighter and job easier!

Where Do I Begin?

Ministry assistants serve staff members or ministry leaders of a church, including pastors. They work as a support system, taking a secondary role to further the goals of the ministry leader to engage in activities expressing Christian faith. If you are new to the church office, join us in this class for some helpful information as you strive to be the best you can be!


9:00 am – Registration opens
9:30 am – Opening Session
10:15 am – Conference Session 1
11:25 am – Conference Session 2
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:30 pm – BMAK Business meeting
2:00 pm – Conference Session 3
3:10 pm – Conference Session 4
4:20 pm – Closing Session
4:30 pm – Workshop concludes

You will have the opportunity to attend 4 one-hour conferences.