This full-color 20 page evangelistic tract is useful for sharing the gospel with anyone who is lost. However, it will be most effective with those who work with and around horses and those who also ride for pleasure.

Relating the stubborn will of a horse to the sinful will of man and our need for a Master horseman makes the gospel easy to understand for all horse lovers. The tract illustrates beautifully what it means to trust Christ as Savior and Lord by using terms and illustrations that horsemen and women will understand and relate to. Available in English and Spanish.

The tract is an excellent resource for chaplains, missionaries, and volunteers at racetracks, competitions, rodeos, horse shows, riding stables and county fairs. It is used throughout North America by many different equestrian ministries, missionaries and churches.

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The Simple Plan of the Master Horseman is available in English and Spanish. The tract is available at a discounted rate of $10/bundle of 25 for Kentucky Baptists, and just $12.50/bundle of 25 for all others.

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