One of the great outreach opportunities available to Kentucky Baptists is literacy missions.

Thousands in our state have the very real need for help in learning to read and write. As we reach out to meet this need, learners become open to hearing the gospel from the caring people who are concerned enough to teach them.

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More about Literacy Missions:

The gift of literacy is a gift that lasts a lifetime! The Kentucky Baptist Convention provides training and support for individuals, churches and associations who are interested in literacy ministry in the following areas:

Teaching Children & Youth (TCY)

The opportunity for a child to get off to the right start with literacy skills is as close as the neighborhood school. Kentucky Baptists can volunteer as tutors at a local school or establish a reading program at the local library, school or church; provide refreshments, gifts or other support for tutoring programs; or encourage older children to read to younger children.

To be a successful TCY volunteer, you will need a heart for teaching, encouraging, and mentoring children, as well as a solid relationship with a local school, library, or other children’s organization.

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Adult Reading & Writing (ARW)

Adult non-readers face a variety of challenges. As a result of low literacy skills, they may have difficulties in other areas of their lives, such as finding and maintaining steady employment, navigating insurance, financial, and social services, or expanding their cultural, social or employment opportunities.

On the other hand, some adults with low literacy skills may have achieved a comfortable level of function and may not recognize a need to increase their skill levels. All of these factors make the ministry of an ARW volunteer challenging.

All of these factors make the ARW ministry challenging. For instance, ARW volunteers usually will need to find and cultivate relationships with students. Once they establish a relationship with a student, they may have to work very hard to keep encouraging that student to persevere. A successful ARW volunteer will need to have the heart of an encourager.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Over the past decade, thousands of people from around the globe have chosen to make Kentucky their home. Many of them are eager to learn English or improve their conversational skills in order to become full, participating members of their communities.

You can welcome new neighbors by helping teach English as a Second Language or becoming a conversation partner; providing refreshments, transportation, child care, prayer support, encouragement or special music for international ministry; befriending these new neighbors; or inviting them to your home for a meal.

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