Welcome to the VBS Resource Page for KBC Churches!

Vacation Bible School continues to be a vital tool for the church in evangelism, discipleship, missions, and fellowship. This webpage is dedicated to being an ongoing resource for all KBC churches in equipping leaders and volunteers to effectively carry out the ministry of VBS. No matter the method, length, curriculum, or location, we believe your VBS will be one of the most effective strategies for reaching your communities with the gospel. 

VBS Clinics have been recorded to review as you prepare.

Whether you are the VBS director or responsible for recreation and snacks, God may give you the opportunity to tell a child about Jesus. BE PREPARED!

VBS Clinics cover:
• Training for specific roles
• Opportunity to share ideas
• Overview of VBS materials by Answers in Genesis, Group Publishing and LifeWay Christian Resources

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Reporting Your VBS

Please report your numbers for VBS this year! It doesn’t matter if it was in-person, virtual, backyard bible club, etc. You will no longer need to breakdown volunteers and age groups. The number will be total enrollment (volunteers and participants).

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If you need assistance, please contact Rebecca Pyle at 502-489-3390.

VBS Training

Watch training modules for 2020 and 2021 LifeWay VBS curriculum. Find the appropriate dropdown below.

2021 - Destination Dig

Watch online training videos for the 2021 LifeWay VBS Curriculum – Destination Dig!

Hear from children’s ministry leaders all across the state with our online VBS training modules. You can click “watch now” to access the Vimeo showcase or find specific videos and downloadable files down below.

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See the descriptions below for direct links and listening guides for all our 2021 online training videos.








1st and 2nd Grade

3rd and 4th Grade

5th and 6th Grade (VBX)

Student VBS

2020 - Concrete & Cranes

Leading VBS in the Days of Social Distancing

This webinar presented multiple ways to schedule and strategies to lead Vacation Bible School given our current mandate of social distancing.  The webinar included several children’s ministry leaders from local churches presenting their plans for in home, in neighborhoods, and in small group strategies for VBS.

VBS Online Training Modules

Please take a few minutes and watch the first two videos: an introduction from Matt Flanagan (KBC Children & Student Ministry Consultant) and instructions from Rachel Cobb (VBS Training Team Coordinator).  These will give you an overview of the 13 training videos and listening guides and how to best use these resources with your volunteers. 

Watch first, an introduction from Matt Flanagan

Watch second, instructions on using the resources from Rachel Cobb

Module 1 – VBS Directors

Module 2 – Leading a Child to Christ

Module 3 – Safety & Security

Module 4 – Preschool

Module 5 – 1st-2nd Grade

Module 6 – 3rd-4th Grade

Module 7 – 5th-6th Grade (VBX)

Module 8 – 7th-12th Grade (Students)

Module 9 – Missions

Module 10 – Music

Module 11 – Recreation

Module 12 – Crafts

Module 13 – Decorations


For additional training resources, please visit one of these to links to view LifeWay’s material:

VBS Resources

VBS Pandemic Pressure Points

Listen as this VBS panel discusses leadership shifts for VBS given the parameters of the pandemic.

How to Lead a Child to Christ

This webinar walks through how to lead a child to Christ through various children’s programming and begins the steps of discipleship and the role of the church in encouraging that new believer.

Safety & Security in Your Children's Ministry

This webinar outlines helpful safety and security procedures for your children’s ministry. Prioritizing the safety of children in the church is a crucial part of ministering.