Self-Discovery Questions to Consider

  1. Where have we sent members to be on mission in the last two years?
  2. How are we connected to a KBC, NAMB or IMB missionary?
  3. How are we developing long-term strategic mission partnerships locally, nationally and globally?
  4. How can we effectively mobilize our members to participate in short-term missions?
  5. How are we mobilizing members to answer the call to long-term missions, locally, nationally and globally?
  6. How are we utilizing our church’s resources to help send our members on mission?

Recommended Resources

  1. Missions Opportunities in Kentucky and abroad with KBC ministry partners
  2. Partnership vision trips through the KBC to discover where God is at work
  3. Missions Opportunities through SEND Relief, visit
  4. Missions Opportunities through IMB, visit
  5. Church Planting Opportunities through NAMB, visit

Additional Resources