REFOCUS helps churches prioritize evangelism.

Our REFOCUS tour recently concluded, but the content lives on to inspire your church leaders to create and maintain comprehensive evangelism strategies.

Allen Bonnell provided his PowerPoint and recorded video sessions for your review.

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REFOCUS equips church leaders with models, resources, and fresh ideas to help bring their churchwide evangelism strategies back into focus at the start of a new year.

Pastor Allen Bonnell will be sharing the principles and practical resources that have helped Immanuel Baptist Church in Corbin develop an evangelistic culture as they have been on an amazing journey of revitalization. Since calling pastor Allen in 2008, the church has baptized nearly 1,000 people, more than quadrupled weekly attendance, and multiplied to three campuses.  
REFOCUS: Apologetics & Evangelism Resources

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REFOCUS: Community Evangelism Resources

Touch of God PowerPoint. 
Just Do It PowerPoint

REFOCUS: Gospel Conversation Resources

Preparing for Gospel Conversations & 13 Bridges to the Gospel featuring Dr. Timothy Beougher (January 2018). Click here