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Christmas Backpacks


26% of Kentucky’s children live in poverty. So, for each of these children, a backpack from Kentucky Baptist may be all they will get for Christmas!

Let’s exceed the goal of collecting 10,000 backpacks from Kentucky Baptist churches! Many of the backpacks collected will be distributed directly to children living in poverty in Kentucky, while others will go to needy children in our partner SEND City, Cincinnati.

"Let's not neglect to do good and share what we have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Hebrews 13:16

Click here to view and download a video about the Christmas Backpack Project.

This initiative is a partnership with Kentucky Woman's Missionary Union and Appalachian Mountain Missions.

How to Participate & Pack

  • Register online the number of backpacks your church is committed to pack and share.
  • Click the blue register button on this page and pledge the number of backpacks your church is committed to pack and share.
  • Determine whether your church will partner with and deliver to a specific ministry OR drop of at an association collection site.
  • Begin with purchasing a NEW, zippered backpack.
  • Determine the gender and age for the backpacks, then tie two (2) ribbons on each backpack to designate following the color chart below:
    • Blue - Boys
    • Pink - Girls
    • Purple - Ages 2-3
    • Yellow - Ages 4-7
    • Green - Ages 8-10
    • Red - Ages 11-14
    • White - Ages 15-17

  • Fill the backpacks with NEW gift. Click here for the item list.
  • Insert the Christmas Story leaflet into each backpack.
  • Securely tie 2 ribbons (see ribbon color key above) to the outside of the backpack.
  • Pray specifically for the child receiving the backpack and his or her family.
  • Deliver the backpacks (choose one of two delivery options):
  1. To the ministry you are partnering with, Contact the ministry directly.
  2. OR: To the designated association collection site, October 26-30. Call the association contact person to confirm what days and times they are open.

Backpack Collection Timeline

October 26-30, 2020
Churches delivering backpacks in boxes to associational collection sites.
Each church must:

  • Ensure that each backpack is packed with toys, clothing, food items, and a copy of the "Christmas Story" leaflet.
  • Ensure that each backpack has 2 color-coded ribbons specifying the age and gender of its contents.
  • Pack four to six backpacks each in a medium to large (approximately 18"x18"x16") cardboard boxes (available at Lowes, Home Depot, Staples, etc.). PLEASE, keep those designated for the same ages and genders together when possible.
  • Write with a marker on the outside of each cardboard box how many backpacks and for what gender are enclosed (Ex: B – 2, G – 2).
  • Transport the committed number of backpacks to the ministry your church is partnering with OR to the designated associational collection site.

November 2-6, 2020
Associations deliver backpacks in boxes to regional collection sites.
Each association must:

  • Ensure backpacks have colored ribbons and are packed, four to six backpacks each in medium to large (approximately in 18"x18"x16") cardboard boxes. PLEASE keep those designated for the same ages and genders together when possible.
  • Transport boxed backpacks to designated regional collection site.

November 16-20, 2020
All boxed backpacks will be picked up from the regional collection sites and distributed to the requesting ministries and church plants.