Children’s Bible Drills are a great way for children across the state to commit Scripture to memory and meet other likeminded students.

Please read the downloadable materials and register your church to participate. If you have questions, please contact Linda Coulter.

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Downloadable Materials for 2022

Children’s Bible Drill is on the BLUE CYCLE in 2022. Blue Cycle resources coming this summer.

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Contact Information

Linda Coulter

2021 State Children's Bible Drill Winners

3 Year Winners

Carley Chenoweth, Munfordville Baptist Church
Trinitee Correll, Beacon Hill Baptist
Lydia Dyer, Corinth Baptist
Lydia Cuentas, Iglesia Bautista Pan de Vida
Caleb Wadlington, Liberty Point
Chloe Vincent, New Columbus Baptist
Noah Oliver, Red House Baptist
Isaac Martin, Red House Baptist
Abigail Spencer, Red House Baptist
Joseph Shepherd, Red House Baptist
Grace Wilson, Red House Baptist
Nevaeh Jennings, Smithland Second Baptist
Miley Smith, Turner Ridge Baptist Church
Madison Rigney, Cave Springs Baptist

State Winners

Emily Hurst, Cave Springs Baptist
Julia Dyer, Corinth Baptist
Adeline Blevins, Corinth Baptist
Piper Cavness, FBC Fulton
Lexie Martin, TFNBC
Lizette Hancock, FBC Fulton
Brandon Blankenship, Gilead Baptist
Brylee Blankenship, Gilead Baptist
Hannah Ferguson, Gilead Baptist
Titus Davenport, Gilead Baptist
Zoey Fogle, Gilead Baptist
Natalie Hill,,Gilead Baptist
Richard Escobar, Iglesia Bautista Pan de Vida
Andrés Vela, Iglesia Bautista Pan de Vida
Elizabeth James, Immanuel Baptist (Lexington)
Elisabeth Broady, Immanuel Baptist (Lexington)

State Winners

Isabella Gullion, Knoxville Baptist
Lydia Redd, Liberty Point
Megan Wadlington, Liberty Point
Jane Courtney, Mt. Carmel Baptist
Cody Enciu, Red House Baptist
Benjamin Sammons, Red House Baptist
Kaelyn Hanks, Red House Baptist
Lane Oliver, Red House Baptist
Lucas Spencer, Red House Baptist
Mckinlee Farmer, Red House Baptist
Daphne Snyder, Reid Village Baptist
Abigail Taylor, Reid Village Baptist
Stella Jaggers, Versailles Baptist
Caleb Jansen, Versailles Baptist
Josh Bicknell, Viney Fork Baptist
Brinley Bicknell, Viney Fork Baptist
Ellee Anderson, Viney Fork Baptist