The Church Planting Group is ready to come alongside you on your journey of planting a church by helping clarify your calling, developing a contextualized evangelism strategy and connecting to our convention of churches for encouragement and partnership.

Begin Your Journey

Take the first step by expressing interest in a conversation about possible church planting or replanting.

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If interested in taking the next steps of clarifying a call to church planting, you will receive access through the KBC Planter Portal to in-depth, online assessment tools to help assess your readiness in three categories: church planting capacity, personal character and marriage (if applicable). The Church Planting group will walk alongside you and your Sending Church throughout the process.


KBC endorsed planters are partially funded and fully supported through prayer, training, encouragement and care.


Coaches help turn truth into action. Many important voices will influence your church planting process. KBC church planting coaches provide help planters realize their unique calling by serving as an “asking” voice in the sea of “telling” voices.

Begin your journey of impacting lostness by planting or replanting a KBC church.

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