Do your church leaders need to be equipped in ministry?

Our EQUIP tour is traveling to 6 locations around the state in August and September. Learn more and register for a location near you today. Online registration is open through the day prior to each event. You can also register on-site the day of the event. The cost is $15/person with a maximum of $75/church.

EQUIP will cover training in each of the following areas: Children’s Ministry, Church Communications, Deacon Ministry, Evangelism, Finance, Men’s Discipleship, Missions, Revitalization, Students, Sunday School, WMU, Women’s Ministry and Worship and Music.


2024 EQUIP Dates & Locations

August 20

Southside Baptist Church

August 22

Westport Road Baptist Church

August 27

First Baptist Church Louisa

August 29

Burlington Baptist Church

September 5

Beacon Hill Baptist Church

September 10

Bellevue Baptist Church



5:00 pm – Registration
5:30 pm – Dinner
6:30 pm – Opening Session
6:50 pm – Session 1
7:40 pm – Break
7:50 pm – Session 2
8:40 pm – Dismiss

*Schedule reflects local times


$15 per person with a maximum fee of $75 per church (includes dinner)

More Information

For more information, please call 502-489-3571 or email

Breakout Topics

Children's Ministry

Habits of an Effective Children’s Ministry Teacher
Implement ten habits common to many small and large group leaders. Intentionality in these areas often leads to more faithful and effective ministry to children.

Communicating the Gospel to Kids
Make the most of opportunities to present the gospel to kids and their families that lead to clear understanding and appropriate next steps.

Church Communications

Communication for Community Outreach
Changes in the way people consume media have necessitated that churches reach out in new and different ways. Create effective graphics, build short-form videos for social media, and set up your website as an effective connection point for visitors.


Best Practices in Deacon Ministry 
Implement strategies for effective deacon ministry with resources that enhance deacons’ ability to fulfill their role.


Praying for the Lost
“The most important human factor in evangelism is prayer” (RA Torrey). Utilize practical tools to help individuals, small groups and your church pray faithfully and fervently for the lost.

Faith Comes by Hearing
Start Discovery Bible Studies that have proven effective in cross-cultural missions and can be great options for engaging your community when people are increasingly less familiar with the Bible.


Ministers Are Different When It Comes to Money
Review unique tax laws and common misperceptions of those rules that apply to ministers.

How to Structure Financial Support for Church Employees 
Churches are unique in how they approach paying staff. Review problems with common church methods and implement a basic four step process any church can use to structure their staff’s financial support.

Discipleship & Assimilation

Help New Believers/Members Stick
Assimilate new people with a plan that involves expectations, group involvement, relationship development, and serving.

Model Disciple-Making
Assimilate new people with a plan that involves expectations, group involvement, relationship development, and serving.


Bridging the Gap
Learn from Paul’s Athenian experience how to engage and reach people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures, beginning with those closest to you.

Engaging Your Community: A Great Commission Work
Assess your community to plan, develop, and implement a strategy for reaching your church’s Jerusalem.


Strengthen Your Preaching Skills
Craft compelling sermons utilizing helpful resources from a local pastor. 

Equipping Others to Preach
Utilize resources and equipping methods to train others in preaching biblical messages.


Increase Giving in Your Church
Take immediate steps to encourage people to grow in their giving to the Lord through your church.  

Student Ministry

Mobilize the Church to Reach Students
Lead the church to embrace the mission of reaching and discipling students and their families. Mobilize every church member to pray, connect, and mentor teens in the church and the community.

Leading Students to be on Mission
Send students on mission in their community and across the globe. Help students develop habits that will set them on a course of serving through missions their entire lives.

Sunday School – Teachers

Build Care into Your Sunday School Class
Enlist a team to lead your group to discover needs and express care. Intentionally strengthen relationships through increasing trust during lessons and events.

Grow Through Prayer and Service
Mobilize members to care for each other and meet the needs of those around them.

Sunday School – Directors

Discover and Mobilize More Leaders
Leaders are the key to improving care for members and friends. Lead your teachers to take four steps to enlist a class care team.

PlusOne: Adding a New Class
More classes are needed to increase care and attendance. Add a class this year, every quarter, or every month through eight simple steps.


Mobilizing Men for the Mission Field
Discover and implement dynamic strategies and practical tools to empower and inspire the men in your church to embrace and fulfill the Great Commission. Includes an introduction to the all-new Men’s Missions Rallies.

Exploring Compassion as an Evangelism Tool
As biblical teachings meet real-world application, launch impactful compassion ministry opportunities designed to help your church step in the gap and share hope in the darkness. 

Women's Ministry

Teaching the Bible to Women
Teach the Bible to women using these best practices and proven strategies. Resources for study and to increase Bible literacy will be shared.

Build the Dream Team
A ministry team is an effective way to provide leadership for ministry to women. Implement strategies for building a multigenerational team with complementary strengths.

Worship and Music

You Want Me to Do What? Have a Choir?
Ensure a steadfast choir presence in your congregational worship services using valuable techniques and expert advice.

Hallmarks of an Effective Worship Planning Team  
Harness the diverse creative abilities and gifts with which God has blessed your church by utilizing a multi-generational worship planning team.