Do your church leaders need to be equipped in ministry?

Our EQUIP tour is traveling to 6 locations around the state in August and September. Learn more and register for a location near you today. Online registration is open through the day prior to each event. You can also register on-site the day of the event. The cost is $15/person with a maximum of $75/church.

EQUIP will cover training in each of the following areas: Children’s Ministry, Church Communications, Deacon Ministry, Evangelism, Finance, Men’s Discipleship, Missions, Revitalization, Students, Sunday School, WMU, Women’s Ministry and Worship and Music.


2024 EQUIP Dates & Locations

August 20

Southside Baptist Church

August 22

Westport Road Baptist Church

August 27

First Baptist Church Louisa

August 29

Burlington Baptist Church

September 5

Beacon Hill Baptist Church

September 10

Bellevue Baptist Church



5:00 pm – Registration
5:30 pm – Dinner
6:30 pm – Opening Session
6:50 pm – Session 1
7:40 pm – Break
7:50 pm – Session 2
8:40 pm – Dismiss

*Schedule reflects local times


$15 per person with a maximum fee of $75 per church (includes dinner)

More Information

For more information, please call 502-489-3571 or email

Breakout Topics

Children's Ministry

Teaching the Bible to Kids 
Develop habits for teaching the Bible that lead children toward a greater understanding of biblical content and transformation of the heart.  

The Essentials of Healthy Ministry 
The church’s ministry to kids and families has a small window to accomplish incredibly significant matters. What are the essential ministries each church should provide? 

Church Communications

The New Era of Church Communications 
Visitors are making decisions about your church within 10 seconds of online searching. Is your church discoverable? Learn about the new era of church communications, including how social media trends are changing, how to structure your website to engage new visitors, and how to keep your members in the loop with simple and effective marketing strategies. 


Bible-Based Deacon Ministry 
Learn and apply the teaching of Acts 6 as it relates to a deacon’s role, qualifications, relationships, selection process and meetings. 


Personalize the Mission 
Practical resources to help every believer personalize the mission of sharing the gospel where they live, work and play. 

Gospel Appointments 
Learn how to use a simple but powerful method for meeting with those who need Christ. Hear their stories, share your story and present the gospel story. 


Achieving and Maintaining Financial Integrity 
Protecting church financial integrity is essential so church ministries are not compromised. Review basic financial policies and procedures a church should use to help protect their financial integrity. 

How to Become a Generous Church 
There are theological and practical ways to increase a spirit of generosity amongst the leaders and members of your church. Learn 10 ways to improve giving in your church. 

Men's Discipleship

Discipling a Great Asset in Your Church 
Equip the men in your church to embrace their identity in Christ so they can fully function in the role of a disciple-maker. 

The Pathway of Men Discipling Men 
Provide encouragement and intentional structure for men to help them consistently invest in each other. 


Every Church on Mission 
Discover how every church can take their next step toward fulfilling the Great Commission regardless of size, location or demographics. Learn how to identify your church’s role, equip and send members to be on mission and care for those who go.  

Provide Hope to Women and Families 
Hear how God is at work through pregnancy resource centers and discover how your church can minister on the modern-day mission field to women and families experiencing pregnancy.   


Effectively Connecting with New People  
Learn to be a guest-sensitive and guest-friendly church. Develop a strategy that begins on your website and ends with welcoming new members. 

Sexual Abuse Prevention, Response and Care

Church Prepared – Facts vs. Misconceptions 
Sexual abuse is a big problem – bigger than many of our churches realize. During our time together, we will highlight the facts and misconceptions that drive our efforts toward abuse prevention, response and care.  

Church Prepared – Recognizing an Abuser’s Behavior 
Understanding the grooming process is the key to making changes to protect our children and our churches. This session will help you understand the grooming process, the people involved and how it unfolds in the local church.  

Student Ministry

Reaching the Next Generation 
Mobilize and equip your church to engage the lost culture of teenagers in your community with the gospel.  

Retaining the Next Generation 
Learn essential ministry strategies for middle and high school students to reverse the trend of young adults leaving the local church.  

Sunday School – Adult Teachers

Aiming to Hit the Target with Your Lesson 
When you try to hit multiple targets with one shot, you will miss. Discover how preparation enables you to aim at a single target during group time. 

Adults Learn When They Talk 
Effective teaching is more than a great lecture. Great questions with the opportunity for purposeful discussion provide the best environment for learning.  

Sunday School – Directors

Inviting People to Become Disciples 
Lead your teachers to implement four specific actions to reach new people. Practice prayer, eating, inviting and talking in ways that grow disciples. 

Forming Deeper Relationships 
Jesus commanded us to love one another. Lead teachers to fight relationship drift by organizing, connecting, being hospitable and practicing micro groups. 


WMU and the Overall Strategy of the Church 
For generations, the Woman’s Missionary Union has helped churches pray, support and engage in missions. Learn how WMU can help you mobilize your members for the sake of the gospel.  

Leading your Families Through Mental Health Challenges 
Whether it’s loss, anxiety, depression or another mental health challenge, your church can provide support and encouragement to families experiencing challenging seasons. 

Women's Ministry

Reaching All Generations 
Women in the local church can span four to five generations. Learn to incorporate the unique needs and desires of each in a unified, biblical way.  

Books, Bible Studies and Resources 
Join us as we discuss some of our favorite resources for ministry to women and highlight new releases available for your church.  

Worship and Music

Worship With Limited Musicians 
What do you do when you don’t have adequate instrumentalists for worship? Find solutions and products that can strengthen your congregational singing. 

Discover What’s New in Worship  
Experience new resources that are key for worship leading, worship planning and worship tech.