Are you willing to serve as a chaperone for the Kentucky Student Worship Camp?

You’ll have the opportunity to influence students from across the state, and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. We ask each church to send one adult per three students of the same gender. Only sending one or two students? We would still love your help!

A church may send any adult they are confident would help make this camp most impactful for their students, this includes parents, pastors, or other youth leaders.  

The cost per chaperone is $200, which covers all camp expenses. Adult chaperones will not be in the same room as any student. 


Safety First

We place the highest priority on keeping your students safe while attending the KY Student Worship Camp. As a chaperone, we expect you to be responsible for the students coming from your church or organization. After you register, you will be sent requests for personal information so that we can have a background check performed on you. 

Get Involved

In order for this camp to be the best it can be, we invite you to get as involved as you would like.  We have ways for you to serve not only your students, but also connect with people from other churches and organizations.

Foster Chaperone

Many students will come along. You may be asked to take responsibility for additional students who are coming to the camp but were unable to find a chaperone from their church.

Family Group Leader

Discipling a small group of students of the same age and gender throughout the week, facilitating discussion, accountability, and community.

Dorm Dean

Being available to students in case of emergencies in the dormitory overnight, ensuring students are in their rooms and safe after lights out.