We offer various Bible studies and resources for loan to Kentucky Baptist churches.

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Resource Library Expectations

Please read the following Bible study resource library expectations, as you are expected to stay within these guidelines. Checking out a resource from our library confirms that you have read and will comply to these stipulations:
  1. Keep the resource long enough to finish the study—unless you have permission from our office.  For example, keep an 11-week study no more than four (4) months.  Keep a seven week study no more than three (3) months. This includes time for facilitator review, promotion and sign up, and a “cushion” should the group miss convening a couple or three weeks for whatever reason(s).
  2. Do not give the resource to anyone, including members who may have missed sessions.  We maintain a waiting list and try to meet the needs of others as quickly as possible. 
  3. If you lose or damage the resource, the cost will be billed to you:
    • If a single DVD is lost or damaged, we are usually able to purchase individual replacements (approx. $25) instead of purchasing an entire kit. 
    • If the entire kit is lost or damaged, you will be billed the entire replacement fee (at the Convention price when possible).
  1. Check the resource before you return it to us to ensure it is the Bible study DVD in the case.
  2. We ship resources shipped and insured to you.  Please return it via shipped and insured and keep the tracking number on the invoice copy that you keep or in another safe place.  If the resource is lost during shipping, you can supply this to us if/when we contact you.