A growing rural lostness: A need for rural covocational and replanting pastors.

The percentage of lostness throughout rural Kentucky is 80%, according to Pew Research. These communities are in desperate need of men who have a vocational trade or skill and who are able to evangelistically pastor or replant local churches. While the population in rural areas tends to grow slower than suburban and urban, the percentage of lost people is rising at a rapid pace. The need for evangelistic covocational and replanting pastors has never been greater! Please pray:

• for those who currently pastor covocationally in your town or association.
• for pastors to multiply themselves as in “faithful men who will be able to teach others” (2 Tim 2:2)
• that men with trades would both faithfully serve their communities and families, as well as their local church as pastor or replanting pastor (Acts 18:3-4)
• for revival in rural churches and a great spiritual harvest as KBC churches cooperate to take the gospel to every home

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Would you like more information about replanting a church within a rural context? Please contact us at replanting@kybaptist.org.

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