More Burmese churches needed: Pray for a great multiplication of multi-language churches.

There once were few multi-language churches in Kentucky. Now on any given Sunday, nearly 100 KBC churches or sponsored church plants can be heard worshiping in more than 18 different languages. The population of ethno-linguistic groups in the state is growing daily. Approximately, 10,000 Burmese refugees now
reside in Kentucky, and more Burmese churches are needed! Please pray:

• for the 98 KBC multi-language churches and missions to grow and multiply
• for the 117,000 Burmese refugees living in the United States, and that those settling in Kentucky may hear and respond to the gospel
• for the Lord to open doors for KBC churches to engage the people of the nations who now live in their communities
• for more KBC churches to partner with existing multi-language works, or to become sponsoring churches for multi-language church planters

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