2024 Sponsors

SEND Relief is a collaboration of IMB and NAMB, Send Relief works to meet needs and changes lives. There are people in your community and around the world who desperately need help. Send Relief provides a way for you to respond directly to these needs in lasting, meaningful ways while sharing the hope of the gospel.

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The International Mission Board exists to serve Southern Baptists in carrying out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations in order that we might see the fulfillment of the Revelation 7:9 vision of a multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ.

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2024 Exhibitors

Sunrise Children's Services

Sunrise Children’s Services provides care and hope for hurting families and children through Christ-centered ministries. Sunrise Children’s Services has been at the forefront in the fight to protect Kentucky’s children since 1869. Today, Sunrise is a home for children who have been abused and neglected — children whose lives have been scarred by unspeakable physical, sexual, and emotional abuse — and who have been removed from their homes. From the president of our organization down to our direct care staff, our goal every day is to provide a place of refuge, of hope, of love, and of healing to these children whose lives have been devastated. For these children, Sunrise is a place where they can begin to feel safe, a place where they encounter adults who give unconditional love, and a place where they can begin to learn that the world can be a good place.

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Refuge Bowling Green

Refuge Bowling Green is a locally founded and community driven non-profit that helps refugees thrive in their new home of Bowling Green, KY. We take a holistic approach to help refugees acclimate in our community by providing both services and opportunities.

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The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, the mission of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is to be totally committed to the Bible as the Word of God, to the Great Commission as our mandate, and to be a servant of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention by training, educating, and preparing ministers of the gospel for more faithful service.

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Hell is Real Ministries

HR Ministries developed from Experiencing God. Although the ministry areas may expand, the process stays the same. Currently, HR ministers to the local community through disaster relief from the 2021 tornado, concerts, school mentoring, benevolence, thrift store, Bible studies, and through men’s and pastor’s encouragement & equipping; to the jails and prisons through Bible studies including Malachi Dads, Rubies for LIFE, and Celebrate Recovery Inside; to Job Corps campuses through Bible study and meals; and to New Ground including Ethiopia through church leader training.

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Disaster Relief

Kentucky has an active disaster relief program that works in concert with similar programs in other states. More than 2,500 individuals are trained as Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief workers. Volunteers can staff feeding units designed to deliver thousands of hot meals on short notice; move in with chainsaws to help remove debris; do the dirty work of helping families remove mud from flooded homes; and provide many other disaster relief services.

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Child Evangelism Fellowship of Kentucky, Inc.

Child Evangelism Fellowship desires to serve your church, providing training and programming to help you evangelize the boys and girls of your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them in the Word of God, and establish them in the local church.

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Seed to Oaks

We imagine a world where very local church is restoring their community to the glory of God. This vision of Seed to Oaks encapsulates a profound aspiration where every local church becomes an active agent of restoration within its community, reminiscent of the call in Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Every church, irrespective of its size, is called to be a healer and builder, actively working towards rejuvenating its community.

At the heart of Seed to Oaks lies a profound and compelling mission: to mobilize the local church into action, positioning it at the very forefront of community transformation.

The term “mobilize” carries with it an urgency, a call to action. This mobilization is not just about getting churches involved; it’s about equipping them with the tools, resources, and mindset to take charge of community initiatives.

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Cooperative Program

Your gift to the Cooperative Program through the Kentucky Baptist Convention helps to serve thousands of churches with hands-on training, practical resources and personal consultation.

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Kentucky Baptist Foundation

KBF exists to guide churches, institutions, and individuals in funding the “Great Commission” through investments, endowments, and legacy giving. Our vision is to promote a spirit of generosity that encourages Kentucky Baptist to change the world for Christ.

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Kentucky Today

Kentucky Today is your one-stop source for today’s top state, national, world news and sports, plus news from the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

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KentuckyWMU is a missions ministry that seeks to engage disciples of Jesus on mission in Kentucky and throughout the world.  Our organization provides a variety of resources to assist you and your congregation in cultivating missional lifestyles.  This includes customizable missions education featuring “stories from the field”, opportunities to support and engage in local missions, tools to strengthen your prayer life, and access to a network of like-minded Christians who share your Great Commission passion. Whether through missions advocacy, fundraising, prayer, or hands-on involvement, KentuckyWMU is committed to working together to spread the gospel to the world, beginning in our own communities.

The Eliza Broadus Offering® (EBO) was created by KentuckyWMU. It serves to promote Kentucky Baptists’ mission to bring people closer to Christ by providing support to over 200 missions and ministry efforts across the state.  EBO makes events like the REACH Conference and other missional/ evangelistic efforts of The Kentucky Baptist Convention possible. Additionally, EBO strengthens and supports Kentucky Missions through missions education programming and grants for both our Kentucky Baptist Associations and for the special ministries of local churches, associations, and communities.  By supporting EBO, you become a tangible expression of the common bond we have in Christ and the common mission we have to advance the gospel in our state.

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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

You are called to obey the Great Commandment, and you are called to pursue the Great Commission. So we will encourage you to love God with all you are, and we will equip you to serve God wherever He calls. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or have decades of experience, we will equip you to live your calling.

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Metropolitan New York Baptist Association

MNYBA is a catalyst for church planting and a conduit for resources to local churches in our network. We help churches to plant new churches, train indigenous missionary leaders, and connect churches here and across the country to make disciples of all nations.

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Love Thy Neighborhood

Love Thy Neighborhood has been discipling and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders since 2014. Through nonprofit service with innovative ministries, intentional living in Christian community and discipleship through biblical teaching and mentoring, young adults are equipped to walk in the life and lifestyle of Jesus in modern culture. Love Thy Neighborhood serves young adults through the ten-week summer urban missions program LTN Intensive and through the eleven-month urban missions gap year program LTN Institute. In addition, the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast tells trues stories to help people follow Jesus in modern culture.

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Mission City Travel, LLC

Mission City Travel is a full-service tour and travel company that creates life-giving experiences and travel for groups, churches, and families.

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Church Multiplied

Every church can be a multiplying church. How can our convention of churches help you multiply disciples, leaders and churches? What’s your next step?

“So the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace and was being built up. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.” Acts 9:31

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Evangelism Team (KBC)

The Evangelism Team is organized into three groups to help churches engage lostness in their communities, on their campuses, and across the commonwealth. Every believer is called to be a witness in their circles of influence and every church is commissioned to reach their community for Christ. We can help with equipping in evangelism, evangelism strategies and resources, church planting or replanting in Kentucky, multiplying church networking and resources, Baptist Campus Ministries, and engaging your local collegiate campuses.

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SEND Network

SEND Network is the largest church planting network in North America, sending missionaries to spread the gospel, respond to brokenness and bring about restorative healing.

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Irishtown Baptist Mission

Irishtown Baptist Mission has a long history of outreach in the Irishtown community. There are Sunday worship services,  a feed the hungry ministry, children’s church, youth Bible studies, adult Bible studies and discipleship opportunities.

Crossroads Community Baptist Church

Demonstrating compassion through serving other at The Lord’s Café (free restaurant ministry). Connecting mission teams to provide community outreach opportunities. The Light Community is a community being developed to help individuals and families gain traction through living in a tiny home farm community.

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Schafer Baptist Camp and Retreat Center

Schafer Baptist Camp and Retreat Center is a facility that exists for the purpose of providing a place where Baptist churches and associations can empower kingdom growth by doing evangelism and discipleship in the name of Jesus Christ. Through week camps, retreats, and picnics the camp provides an environment in its facilities and activities that encourages and promotes spiritual guidance and development.

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Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

As the only college of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College exists to provide educational training to God-called men and women for a lifetime of Christian service. We accomplish this mission by providing an educational experience that is biblical, practical, and missional.

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Three Forks Baptist Association

Three Forks Baptist Association is a family of churches in eastern Kentucky, made up of KBC churches in Letcher, Knott, Leslie and Perry Counties.  Three of those counties (Letcher, Knott and Perry) were among the 4 hardest hit counties in the devastating 1,000-year flood of July 28, 2022.  TFBA is actively continuing to assist homeowners and residents with the rebuild and repair of their homes, coordinating resources, materials and mission teams to accomplish the work. The rebuild efforts are the basis for Gospel ministry to everyone we encounter.

Every Church on Mission (KBC)

The Every Church on Mission initiative is designed to help every church, regardless of size, location or demographic, take its next missional step. We hope you will stop by our booth. There will be a variety of missions resources available!

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World Hope Ministries International

The vision of World Hope Ministries International (WHMI) is to provide global access to theological education by using the New Testament model found in 2 Timothy 2:2. WHMI accomplishes this through WHMI’s Bible Institute. Through our Bible Institute (WHBI), approximately 7400 students (current and prospective pastors and ministry leaders) are currently receiving theological education in over 200 locations in 50 countries around the world. WHBI has developed curriculum that provides biblical instruction on subjects that are foundational to every pastor, evangelist, and ministry leader. We recruit qualified instructors who raise their own funds to travel to locations around the world to deliver theological training using the Bible Institute’s curriculum. Some graduates of the Institute are vetted to become the instructors to repeat the process to new students in the same location or to new students in new locations, called affiliate locations.

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Oneida Baptist Institute

The mission of Oneida Baptist Institute is to provide a Christian living, learning and working environment in which each of its students, Christian or non-Christian, is diligently challenged to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually in order to acquire an Education for Time and Eternity.

What began as a ministry to mountain children in 1899 grew into an outreach to young people from around the world. Located in a small rural village in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, OBI is a school that has adapted to meet the needs of a changing society while remaining true to its Christian vision and purpose.

OBI accepts day students in grades K-12 and dormitory residents in grades 9 -12. We minister to our students in four major areas: academics, co-curriculars (athletics, clubs and organizations), work program and worship.

Every school deals with the minds of young people, but few, like Oneida, minister to the soul as well. While we respect the backgrounds and beliefs of all of our students, we steadfastly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in daily chapel services. We provide additional fellowship and discipleship opportunities for young Christians or seekers in our Campus Ministry Program.

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Chile Partnership
Grace Marriage

Grace Marriage is an exciting ministry designed to enrich, protect, and grow your marriage. Using Biblical, grace-based materials you will have time to talk with your spouse and explore ways to enrich your relationship. Our marriage ministry is an intentional commitment to grow in your relationship with each other and the Lord.

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MissionLab plans custom mission trips for groups of all sizes and ages throughout the year in the city of New Orleans. We provide housing, meals, leadership, and ministry sites for groups who want to share in the mission of showing God’s love to the people of this city.

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Celebrate Recovery

 Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

At Southeastern, we believe that the Great Commission is the Church’s mission. That is why we are committed to ministry preparation in partnership with the local church. Through more than 40 advanced, graduate, and undergraduate degrees, we offer robust biblical and theological education that equips students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.

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