Monday, March 11

12:00 PM – REACH Conference Registration

1:30 PM – REACH Conference: Session One
Featuring: Matt Beasley & JJ Washington
Worship: Severns Valley Baptist Church Praise Team

3:15 PM – Breakout: Session #1

4:15 PM – Dinner Break
Dinner options are available off-campus, exhibits are open
Mutli Language in Your Community Dinner, featuring Frank James of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Louisville, offered on-campus. Seating limited. Registration required. Anglo and Multi Language leaders invited to attend.

6:15 PM – REACH Conference: Session Two
Featuring: Danny Akin, Chadd Pendergraft & Legacy in Missions Award
Worship: Severns Valley Baptist Church Praise Team

8:45 PM – Ice Cream & Networking
Sponsored by International Mission Board


Tuesday, March 12

8:00 AM – REACH Conference Registration

9:00 AM – Breakout: Session #2

10:20 AM – REACH Conference: Session Three
Featuring: Jay Strack, Hershael York & Legacy in Evangelism Award
Worship: Severns Valley Baptist Church Praise Team

12:00 PM – Dismiss

12:15 PM – Lunch & Learn (Optional)

1:45 PM – Dismiss

*Schedule subject to change without prior written notice.

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