Learn what you can do to assist in the flooding aftermath.

Parts of eastern Kentucky have been hit with devastating flooding, with the governor declaring states of emergency in Floyd, Breathitt, Clay, Owsley, Letcher and Pike counties.

You may contribute to Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief efforts by clicking the button below or sending checks marked for Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief to the address below:

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Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief
P.O. Box 950295
Louisville, KY 40295-9900

How can your church help right now?

Two important ways your church can help right now are by donating gift cards to Lowe’s, Tractor Supply and Walmart, and also by writing notes of encouragement to our Disaster Relief volunteers who will be serving diligently in affected areas.

You can send both to the Kentucky Baptist Convention, attention Disaster Relief, at 13420 Eastpoint Centre Dr, Louisville, KY 40223.

You can also collect and deliver specific donations to various ministries in eastern Kentucky. Click here to learn more.

Collect and deliver donations to ministries

Click here to find the most updated list
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Please join us in praying for the people in eastern Kentucky as they are experiencing historic flooding. Pray for those who have suffered loss, and for those who will come into our state to assist with the flooding cleanup.


You can donate gift cards to Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Walmart and Visa. Mail them to the KBC address below. Those who want to give specifically to Kentucky disaster relief efforts can give using the link below:

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If you are a trained Disaster Relief volunteer, you have already been contacted to be on standby to dispatch if you are available. Chaplains especially will be mobilized. If you want to become a trained volunteer, click below.

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Gift Card Distribution

Sending gift cards is a great way help flood victims. The following gift cards are widely accepted in eastern Kentucky – Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Lowes, and Visa/Mastercard. Gift cards may be sent to the following places where they will be distributed to those in need:

Ministries Accepting Gift Cards
  • Kentucky Baptist Convention, Disaster Relief, 13420 Eastpoint Circle Drive, Louisville, KY 40223
  • Three Forks Baptist Association, 304 Roy Campbell Drive, Hazard, KY 41701
  • Pike Association of Baptists, P.O. Box 2973, Pikeville, KY 41502
  • Booneville Baptist Association, P.O. Box 74, Manchester, KY 40962
  • Enterprise Baptist Association, First Baptist Church, 330 College Street, Paintsville, KY 41240
  • Red River Baptist Association, AMS George Drake, 836 Maple Street, Stanton, KY 40380
  • Calvary Campus, %Marc Hensley, 31 SRS Road, Letcher, KY 41804 

In-Kind Donations

The following ministries are receiving in-kind donations for distribution to flood victims (click here for a full list). Needed resources fluctuate so check with the recipient BEFORE collecting and delivering anything.

Ministries Accepting In-Kind Donation
  • John Morris, God’s Appalachian Partnership (GAP),  McDowell, KY
  • Marc Hensley, Meridzo Ministry Calvary Campus, Blackey, KY
  • Bessie McPeek, God’s Love From a Diaper Bag, Jenkins, KY
  • Mollie Bentley, Rockhaven Baptist Church Mission Center, Hyden, KY
  • Josh McWherter, The Branch Church Plant, Prestonsburg, KY
  • George Drake, Red River Baptist Association, Stanton, KY
  • Frank Peters, Booneville Baptist Association, Manchester, KY
  • Mike Caudill, Hindman First Baptist Church, Hindman, KY
  • Jason Lowe, Pike County Baptist Association, Pikeville, KY

Volunteer Assistance

The following ministries have requested a limited number of volunteers to help with flood relief.  Confirm with the ministry how many, what days and what you need to bring before enlisting anyone. 

Ministries Accepting Volunteers
  • Meridzo Ministry, Blackey, KY – Marc Hensley 606-428-0339
  • Booneville Baptist Association, Manchester, KY – Frank Peters 606-598-6242

Read breaking news about eastern KY flooding.

Click here to visit Kentucky Today for the latest stories.
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Kentucky C.A.R.E.

In response to the recent flooding, numerous churches and associations, both from Kentucky and other states, want to partner with affected churches and communities to assist in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts. The KBC has developed a plan to help KBC churches and associations receive needed resources. 

There are many resources available including building materials, volunteers, skilled labor, financial assistance and prayer. If you are a KBC church or association, please click on the following dropdown boxes to learn more and apply for assistance in that particular area.

Church Rebuild

If you are a KBC church whose building or property was affected by the recent tornadoes, please fill out the form below to apply for a grant.

Apply now

Community Rebuild

If you are a KBC church or association who is assisting in a community rebuild project, please fill out the form below to apply for a grant.


Pastor/Staff Home Rebuild

If you are a KBC church or association with a pastor or staff member whose home was affected by the recent tornadoes, please fill out the form below to apply for a rebuild grant.


Hosting Team

If you are a KBC church or association who is requesting volunteer teams and/or financial assistance to host teams, please fill out the form below to apply.


  • To discover available resources, please contact Ron Crow, Disaster Relief Director, ron.crow@kybaptist.org or 502-489-3401.

Churches Affected by Flooding

Pray for and partner with the churches below as they recover from the flooding.

First Baptist Church

170 Madison Ave. Whitesburg, KY 41858

Montgomery Baptist Church

PO Box 597 Carrie, KY 41725

Fleming Baptist Church

PO Box 189 Neon, KY 41840

Smithsboro Baptist Church

PO Box 279 Vicco, KY 41773

Emmanuel Baptist Church

9416 Hwy 805 Jenkins, KY 41537

First Baptist Church

PO Box 506 Hindman, KY 41822

Mousie First Baptist Church

PO Box 208 Mousie, KY 41839

Faith Baptist Church

PO Box 150 Dorton, KY 41520

New Prospect Baptist Church

c/o Allen Kendrick, PO Box 355 Oneida, KY 40972

First Creek Baptist Church

PO Box 81 Bonnyman, KY 41719

Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church

PO Box 220 Isom, KY 41824

Willow Fern Baptist Church

PO Box 261 Bulan, KY 41722

Deane Baptist Church

431 Hwy. 803 Millstone, KY 41838

Bulan Baptist Church

PO Box 206 Bulan, KY 41722

Craft Colly Baptist Church

100 Craft Colly Rd, PO Box 266, Ermine, KY 41815