Did you know that most people will check out your church on social media before ever walking in the doors?

A social media presence is important for your church members and guests alike. But many churches don’t know where to start. Take a “next step” for your church by watching the video or viewing the information below.

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Step 1

Set up a page for your church

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Step 2

Make a content and graphics plan

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Step 3

Schedule posts ahead of time

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Step 4

Try “boosting” a post for larger reach

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Want to create FREE custom graphics for your church?

Get access to a Canva Pro account for Nonprofits.
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Summer Graphics for Your Church

The easiest way to create graphics for your church is to use your own Canva account and select a relevant template. If you’re looking for a starting point, download the graphics set below.

Events Calendar

Want to create your own Reel?

Download step-by-step instructions
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The New Era of Church Communications

Listen to the Podcast

Using a variety of communications channels—social media and website in particular—are the virtual “front door” people will use to discover who your church is and what it’s about, which is in turn a primary means by which they will come to hear the gospel. 

Join Todd Gray and Marina Shelton as they discuss practical advice for engaging in the new era of church communications.

Helping Your Church Grow Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful connection tool. Why not use it to connect people to your church too? Learn simple, helpful tips to apply to your church’s social media presence that will encourage members and engage your community. This session covers everything from creating pages to planning and scheduling posts.

Join Marina Shelton to explore new social media possibilities for your church!

Time Saving Design with Canva

Do any of us have a lot of time to spare? No, and yet, we need to create designs to communicate with purpose. Whether it’s an attention-grabbing social media post or you’ve been tasked with creating branding collateral, Canva is just the treasure box you’ve been searching for. It saves countless hours of learning difficult programming and you will be looking like a professional designer in no time!

Join Carrie Peterson as she shares her favorite Canva hacks. By the time we are done, you’ll love it too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about social media for your church? Look through the question list below or contact Marina Shelton at marina.shelton@kybaptist.org.

Do you have verse or hymn lyric graphics our church can use?

Yes! Click the links below to access a variety of graphics you could use for your church’s social media pages.



Do you have the KBC and CP logos our church could use?

Yes! Find versions of the KBC and CP logos below.

KBC Logo

Cooperative Program

Video Content for Churches

If you have questions or would like access to more video content, email Frank Peer at frank.peer@kybaptist.org.